Tuesday, October 7

Dirty hands, dirty minds

It's the second week of October, and I have eight home works and projects to full fill by the end of the week. I am cramping my thoughts and sacrificing my sleeping hours just to get some things done. What makes it even worse is that underneath the computer table, flies so many mosquitoes at night, and I have to spray mosquito repellent every night. My legs are covered with mosquito kisses, which I loathe. I dislike mosquitoes very, very much. Also, my nose has been bleeding on and off for the past few days, as well as my blood pressure going up and down. Oh, school. You are very terrible, yet so useful to me, and I just cannot wait to be done with you.

There are some busyness that I enjoy, but this is not one of them. 

God bless King Tang of Shang, who has 'invented' ice cream, a natural remedy for stress, fatigue, and heartbreak. Thank you for sharing its existence around the globe. 

Also, God bless teenage icons such as Tavi and Lorde. It's nice to know that finally adolescents are heard by the grown ups. Both of them basically speaks for the whole youth, as well as being an icon for us. I recently bought ELLE October, and Lorde's on the cover. The interview she did was inspiring. Although, it did contain a lot of bullshit, and an I forgot my wallet, ID, and phone. But then again, she is only 17. The word bullshit's like, 90 percent of our vocabulary.

There's this quote from Frankie Magazine issue 50 that made me smile. And nod, because it's true, and I wish I could get my hands dirty right now.

Getting our hands as dirty as our minds are most of the time

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