Friday, October 17

Guilty Pleasures


On Thursday I had my three ways conference, and received my report for term 1. Alhamdulillah my grades are above average, therefore I wouldn't have to worry about them. After three ways was over, Saras and I picked up Yasminn and headed to the supermarket to buy ingredients for our dessert, and some snacks for picnic. And sudden thriller movie marathon.

We made Brigadeiro, a Brazilian dessert which was sticky and chocolaty, and took plenty of pictures. Then some of our friends came by and we chit chat a bit. It feels great again to have this kind of sudden chit chats with people because the last time I mingled in people's house spontaneously was probably in junior high, where most of my friends' house was in the same housing complex.

We watched two movies. In daylight, Orphan. And at night, Carrie. I love both movies very much because both of them are science, instead of unexplainable shits. If you see Yasminn's instagram, there is a short footage of the three of us dancing randomly, letting all the bad vibes go. It consisted of laughs, sighs and sweat. We then got wasted with cookies and milk.

After Carrie, we explored Youtube's videos on easy Halloween costumes, Lizzie McGuire, Camp Rock, celebrities past lovers, The Kardashians, Zac Efron, which ended up with Britney Spears' past hits, which we loved. Also, it amazed how three girls can have a discussion about Adolf Hitler as our before-bed talks. It's such a heavy discussion, that I couldn't believe I slept thinking about Hitler.

MOLESTER MOON (wish Yasminn was in here)

The first two days of mid-term break were awesome. This was Saras' and my second life therapy, and Yasminn's first. Even though not every single pressure on me is shaken off off my body, at least I got to shout some songs out loud. 

I'm laughing by myself right now because I searched transparent offensive text tumblr on google, and so many things came up I CAN'T. I had a great time spending two days with my two girls. Spending time with them is one of my guilty pleasures (i love you guys).

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