Wednesday, October 1


It's October! My favourite months of the year has official begin! (October through January are my favourite months). I've always been fascinated by October upwards because 1. That means Halloween is only 30 days away. 2. Rainy season is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but that means there will be flood everywhere sigh). 3. The layers of clothing I will be wearing! 4. Rainy days playlists on 8tracks THEY ARE GOLD. 5. My birthday gets closer. 6. Christmas is around the corner, and I have always loved Christmas vibes. 7. NEW YEAR. 

For this Halloween, I've made a promise to my friend that I will be dressing up as Princess Leia (God bless this 31st is on a Friday, which means I get to dress up AT SCHOOL), and my brother as Luke Skywalker. Also, if I have passed mid-October, that means I have literally passed one of the most booked weeks of my entire adolescence life. My tasks are piling up before the 3 Ways Conference, and it's making me a little bit insane. 

This month, the blog is going to be filled with Halloween-inspired posts, as well as an interview with a person who claims to have hang out with 1990s Leonardo DiCaprio and friends every day. It will be a great rainy season, and I hope you guys are excited about it as well.

the one behind the screen,

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