Friday, October 3

Off the Spot

After being a secretary in both Junior and Senior High's Student Council, this time, I'm officially done.  The election of the 2014-2015 student council was done today, and the inauguration will be held probably on Monday. My friends and the junior high who are in the student council kept saying, "Oh congratulations to our downgrade!" I laughed, but then I realised they still have the chance to be senior high's student council. Meanwhile for me... Well, I don't think I'm going to be a part of the 'student council' in university later on. So I'm official done. Like for realz.

My dear friend Saras and Chloudya was chosen as the new Senior High Pilar Student Council president & vice president. A huge-ass congratulations to the both of them! I still have eight months to feel their leadership.

Regarding that it's Halloween... Well to be honest I haven't prepared anything for this month whoopsie daisy, except for an interview I'm constantly waiting to pop up in my email. I've been listening to a lot of San Cisco lately. They have this amazing music that works in both sunny and rainy days.

Have a nice weekend, lovers.

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