Sunday, November 2

Coastline: Adelaide 2013

On March 2013, my class and I went to Adelaide for an exchange program. It was only for two weeks, but gosh did we experience and learn so many new things. I am very sorry, but my laziness has achieve on its limit, and I don't think I will be writing much about this trip. However, I will leave you these delicate pictures, and a summary of my favourite memories.

On the plane, I sat next to my teacher. We took off at 8 pm, so the view was dark and shiny. I watched Perks of Being a Wallflower, a novel that my teacher said wasn't age-appropriate for me. But I read and watched it anyway.

I fell asleep uncomfortably in my black t-shirt and semi-leggings. The pillow kept falling down, and my legs weren't always covered by the blanket, which led my feet to shiver. It was midnight, and I woke up. I saw the moon above me, and the shiny stars decorating the void. I wanted to take a picture of it, but I decided not to. I was really grateful at that time, that I get to view the sky so close.

We went bowling on the second day of school. We bowled in the party venue, thus the neon lights. It was really cool. If I wasn't mistaken, I was second place in the lane! After bowling, some of the boys, Jess and I went laser tagging first. I've never played laser tag before, so it was my first time. The weapon was so heavy, my arms went sore. But the arena was rad, and it was really, really fun and intense.

We went to Rundle Street and China Town to shop and explore the city. Rundle Street reminded me of Orchard Road, in a tinier scale. It was packed with street performers, which were very amusing. I bought a Supré faux leather skirt for $25, and a smoothie. If I knew there was AA on Rundle Street, I would gone there. I regret not buying a lot more things.

I ate a cookies and cream ice cream for $4. There were about 1,5 scopes, and it was huge! I thought four dollars for a cone of ice cream was expensive, but I realise in Jakarta some of the ice cream costs $3.8, and it's not even a scope. God bless Australian ice creams. Jess, her mum and I strolled along Semaphore Jetty with our flip flops on, since it's still Summer.

I'll post the second week of my Adelaide adventure soon. Have a blessed and warm early November.

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