Sunday, November 2

November Dew

An image by Nirrimi, which I loved most from her newest post.

October has passed, and I'm really excited that it's already November. My birthday is getting closer, rain is starting to pour slowly, and new year's around the corner, which means the holidays are coming soon.

I dressed up as modern-day Princess Leia on Halloween, with Saras as a wounded Indonesian solder (but she didn't have any Indonesian flag, so she brought instead, an Australian flag), and Yasminn as an Arabic princess.
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I'm pretty busy right now, in and outside school, which is why I don't think I will be posting as much. But I will post as much as soon as I'm done with those that are holding me back from reaching out to youuuuuuuu. I will be dancing quite a lot coming towards the end of the year, and I will share where and when I'll be performing, in case you're wondering how awesome I am. Hehehe... Anyways, congratulations to the cheeriest blogger I've ever known, kak Diana Rikasari for her book #88LOVELIFE, as well as kak Dinda Puspitasari for illustrating the book!!! Can't wait to buy it when it's out in the open.

I am very excited this month because Mockingjay part 1 will be out in the cinemas on November 22nd. Mark your calender, and don't forget to buy IMAX tickets, because I'm telling you it's worth it. I am excited to have a license. I am excited of wearing layers of clothing. I am excited for the holidays. I am excited of everything. And I hope you guys are too. 

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