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The Lost Boys: An Interview with Perspektif


The boys, - Maul + a friend

A friend of mines -- we met one in junior high -- is part of an Instagram photography group called Perspektif. Even though Perspektif itself is just him and  a couple of his friends, it is definitely a canvas for young people to publish their photographs.

In this post, I'd like you to meet Nino, Tito, Maul, Falih, Yaumal, and Danis. Six seniors from a well-known high school in South Jakarta, who are pouring their hearts into photography.

Who is Perspektif?
Yaumal, Tito, Falih, Nino: We are just a bunch of amateur self-proclaimed photographers who then, decided to follow the trend; Instagram photography accounts (eg: @ambigu_ @propagandamov). Thus, a group of friends who has the same interest (in photography) came up with Perspektif.
Maul: We are a group based on Instagram that post our self-made portrait and moments about the world that we think is worthy enough to be captured and shared with the people out there

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What do you think on the phrase a picture tells a thousand words?
Falih: A picture isn't only a picture that we took carelessly. A picture is an artwork that stores many meaning inside it, which everyone will presumably see in different perspectives. I, to be honest, don't really get it.
Maul: That is the beauty of the moment as we speak. We think that a picture is far more naked than words, because in a picture, you can really see the beauty of it, without even really paying attention to it. But if you do pay attention, that is the reason why we need to portray those moments, so its beauty could be appreciated by people.
Danis: People simply won't take pictures because of nothing. There must be a reason why he/she releases the shutter button. It depends on the photographer itself, whether they can 'write' a good story or not.
Nino: A photographer is a writer. The difference is that, they use a picture as a substitute to words. There is always a story behind a picture, but at times, the story isn't well-shared. Everyone who came to see a picture will have different perspectives. Within their own perspectives, they will create a whole lot different story. Their different meanings of the picture is the one that makes the picture interesting.
Yaumal: It means that when someone takes a picture, the picture itself can mean a lot of things. Thus, the phrase.

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What potential do you see in other Perspektif members?
F: I think Tito has the best photography skills than the rest of us. His pictures are rad, and the way he edits it smoothly will make him survive best in the photography world
M: Every single one of us have our own potential, and I personally think that capturing moments doesn't need some special skill. Just when you think something precious is happening, grab your camera and take a picture of it
D: I do believe a community was formed for a reason. People here in Perspektif have their own potential. I can't describe one by one because our potential are still in search, and that's the reason we are here. Merging every potential we have, to build  stronger one.
N: We're a bunch of amateur self-proclaimed photographers who are trying to be real photographers. Here, we're all learning from each other in order to improve ourselves and reach our goal as an establish photographer.
Y: Everyone has different potentials. Each and every potential from the member of Perspektif, I think, is equal. Although, there are some people who has more strengths than the others.
T: I believe Danis has more potential. He can see something from 'the other side'. Also, he's really good at post-processing.

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Do you guys take selfies?
F: Usually we take PAHI (pakaian hari ini/foto ganteng) in the place where we go hunting. I seldom take selfies.
M: Absolutely! I think that it's a fun way to capture the happiness with the surroundings.
D: I'm not really good at taking selfies lol
N: It's sort of a must these days to take selfies, hence I also do selfies. But, normally I don't publish it because my selfies often shows abnormal expressions of me.
Y: Of course we take selfies!
T: Of course! Selfie all the time

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Who are the photographers you guys look up to? And why?
F: @willgoz @aditpk @dekza_ are a few. Their pictures are good, and they consistently post everyday. It's always very interesting for me to learn from the shots they take.
D: If only I had the chance to move back in time where Ansel Adams shared his passion throughout his entire life in photography, I would be extremely happy to meet him. Even if it's just a short 'hi' or a hand-wave.
N: @windonosuryo is my favourite photographer. I look up to myself. I only learn from the comments and critics coming to me about my photos. Then, I'll make sue I won't do the same mistake. Therefore I'll improve.
Y: I don't know much about famous photographers, but I do respect those who photograph with good technique, editing, and momentum.
T: Firstly @aditpk. He can produce good pictures with good tones. Secondly, @gemilangrachmad, always use analog, if i'm not mistaken it's a Nikon. His pictures has their own X-factor.

What do you love about Jakarta?
F: Jakarta, I think, is a very complete city for photo hunting. From people who aren't prosperous, to those who are, we can easily find it here. From villages, to malls, to skyscrapers, we can make them a photography object.
M: This is my favourite question indeed. First, it is colourful! You can say how dirty it is, how smelly or polluted the city is. But I personally think that those kind of things in Jakarta are the things that make the city alive. You can see skyscrapers everywhere, and people walking around with their own business. It is definitely a city with limitless opportunity, and this city really defines the beauty of diversity. Probably that's why I live and love this city very much (except for its traffic jam).
D: Talking about Jakarta is always interesting. Just really love the urban diversity of the people.
N: Jakarta is such a unique city. It has a lot of emotions and feelings in it. Every little moment can be captured into a good story. Oh, I love Jakarta.
Y: Jakarta has many stories made every day. Even though traffic and pollution are everywhere, they always have a good story to tell.
T: Jakarta at night, and the not-so-modern side of Jakarta (daerah kumuh).

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What's the key to having a good photo?
F: With any kind of camera we use, it won’t really affect our pictures, if ourselves don’t have the passion to photograph. Why passion? Because I consider myself unskilled to create pictures Instagram-worthy. But because I love doing it, with my iPhone and mum’s pocket camera, I can create cool pictures.
M: Imagination. Imgine a picture that will last forever, and snap. But if you don't have an imagination that high (quite like myself), just take random pictures and turn it into something eternal with some finishing touches and filters.
D: Be friends with light, and marry your camera.
N: I must say, you have to get the feel, seize the right moment and love your camera. I, for one, even name my own camera, Lunar, and sometimes kisses it.
Y: Just photograph with unique frames, angles, techniques, and good editing.
T: You don't need to go somewhere fancy. All you need is a good and different perspective, and an good composition. Also, it has to be meaningful of course.

by Danis

How would you describe your own pictures?
F: I usually take pictures differently from others. I try to find other perspectives, but the same object. I want to try to have pictures that are different from the typical ones on Instagram.
M: Mines are just pictures with moments that I create. I don’t think my pictures are as good as the other Perspektif members.
D: Every people have their own perspective in describing pictures. But my own way to see it, is from how I manage to create the composition that builds the story of the picture.
N: My pictures are stories which up to the viewers to understand and interpret. 
Y: I don’t know how to describe my own pictures because there are so much variations

by Tito

If each of you had a chance to take the last picture ever, what would it be?
F: I want to take a picture of my big family later on when I’m old, happy, prosperous, and have grandchildren. 
M: I would take a picture of my loved ones. My parents, my spouse (if I have one), and of course my best friends. Seeing their faces bring back memories, and beautiful moments inside my head. I mean, that’s what pictures are for, right?
N: A picture of my loved ones. To keep it as a memento in the other world. 
Y: A picture with my family and friends
T: Me, taking a selfie at the rooftop of Burj Khalifa


Favourite time of the day? F: Sunset M: Morning D: Night TN & Y: Dawn

Pet peeve? F & Y: Irresponsible people M: Cigarette smoke D: People who can’t keep their words N: Irrelevent people who tries to make themselves relevant T: People who are late

Favourite instagram user? F: @fallihh M: @aditpk D: Not sure, but check out @blackjaguarwhitetiger N: @windonosuryo Y: @instagram T: @hamadahideaki

Song that’s currently on repeat? F: Itu Aku - Sheila On 7 M: Latch - Disclosure D: (current and always) On A Good Day - Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab N: Ku Cari Kamu - Payung Teduh Y: Himalaya - Maliq & D’essentials T: Sunset - The XX

Place you’d like to visit most? F: Mountains in Indonesia M: Japan D: Canary Ibiza, Balearaic Island of Spain N: Brazil Y: Every hidden archipelagos in the world T: New York

Check out their instagram Falih, Maul, Danis, Nino, YaumalTito.

My bad if the interview isn’t well written. I had to translate a few of the complicated yet extraordinary answers the sent me. This is PERSPEKTIF. This year's photographer guest, as last year I had the humble Gabi Mulder. November has been cramping me up with its extraordinary school works, and reviews for the final exam. But other than that, I am also preparing and practicing for a dance competition on December 6th, at TMII. Eeep! So excited! Have a great Sunday noon, mi lovers.

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