Monday, December 29

Just A Game


Well I am definitely a terrible, terrible blogger. I have been way too lazy and sort-of busy (not really) to continue the last day of our annual class meeting (!!!!!) But I don't break promises, so here I give you... F O U R T H   D A Y .

We started the day a bit late because we had to wait for the Christians and Catholics to finish their christmas assembly practice. When it did, grade twelve got the first chance to go against grade ten on girls soccer. To be honest, I wasn't sure my class was going to win (we did tho). The tenth graders has strong players, and most of them are in the soccer team. Meanwhile, Ara (who was supposed to be the kipper on our team) didn't come, so we had to replace her with Sonia, who isn't as experienced as Ara. But thankfully, we had good back players (das me), and strikers, so they didn't pass us that easily.

Although when it came going against grade eleven, we lost 1 - 0. Grade eleven has strong players, especially Nadine as the kipper, and Yasminn as the striker. Also another factor why we lost is probably because we played with grade ten earlier, when grade eleven hasn't play with anyone. As the girls soccer winner, grade eleven won by penalty shots, when going against grade eight.

The boys basketball was fun to watch. Because there are boys who are used to playing soccer, they look funny playing basketball. My class did great. We got in first place, when going against grade eight (grade eight is so powerful (!!!)).

le end of this year's class meeting (my last one as well sigh).

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