Saturday, December 6

Starry December

This weekend, my cousins and a friend danced three times (today, and two tomorrow). Today we had a competition at TMII, and the performance was rather... Okay. This was our first big competition so it was obvious if we didn't win. But tomorrow will be our something-th performance, and we can't mess that up too.

The exams are over, however I am still the busiest girl alive right now. I am practising for the Jakarta Lantern Festival 2014 opening ceremony with 49 other dancers! It's located at Lapangan Banteng, Pasar Baru (right across Hotel Borobudur), on Friday, December 12th 2014 6pm >. Please do come! It'll be a starry night indeed (entrance is free!).

The things currently making my week:

Have a great weekend, lovers. Hope your December's warm and chilly at the same time.

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