Monday, December 22

Sweet and Savoury

my first attempt to draw something decent with my new wacom lel 
(my writing looks better on screen than off screen)

I've been dealing with a whole bunch of fresh pictures from the school activities, and it's making me work extra enthusiast and all. During the past few weeks, I have been rather busy as well with performances and dance competitions. Which caused my body immune system to crash and led to me having tonsillitis (i think). Thank you tonsils for fighting the virus or bacterias, and I appreciate you in every way possible.
I've  been stalking What Should I Have For Breakfast for quite a while, and as I go through the 1349873498372 page of her blog, I found a Poffertjes recipe. I don't remember the first time i had them, but it was definitely when I was a child. My late grandma used to make poffertjes for us, and we would top it off with maple syrup, butter, or icing sugar. She had one of those poffertjes pans that has holes in it (something like takoyaki pans), and I remember sitting on a movable stair next to the stove with my sister. And then after the poffertjes are cooked, we would grab our own spoonful of sugar (yes), and drop it on those golden mini Dutch pancakes I can never get enough of.
A few months ago, my dad's friend invited us for lunch with her family. We ate at Dijans Pannekoeken & Poffertjes, a classic Dutch restaurant located in Kemang, South Jakarta. The place was huge, but when I got there the AC felt like it didn't work. It was very hot, even with very few people there! The food was all good, especially them big, round poffertjes. But it took such a long time for them to prepare. The interior was really homey and Dutch.
Even though I still get to taste those balls of sweet and savoury anywhere in Jakarta, I miss the feeling of cooking it with my late sister and grandma.

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