Wednesday, December 24

White Teeth Teens


Day three is fun and full because we had the annual cooking competition! let's admit it. a class meeting at my school isn't complete without a cooking competition. We used to have basic Indonesian dishes for competing, but this year went on in a whole different level. My dear friend, Indra, just came back from New Zealand with his title as Chef, and since he's one of the judge and the mentor, the standards of the food went high. 

The senior was told to cook Pan Fried Ocean Trout with Wasabi Beurre Blanc, Summer Vegetables Ratatouille, and Parmesan Tuille. Meanwhile, the junior high had to make something less complicated, the Pan Roasted Prawns with Lebanese Cucumber and Tomato Salsa (it still sounds complicated, yes? yes.) And those who aren't on the cooking team, gets to make... nasi goreng! my class made rendang fried rice with eggs, and it was delicious!

Oh bonus point. Our Pan Fried Ocean Trout won first place!!!!!!!!

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