Friday, December 19

Yellow Flicker Beat


I feel quite guilty for not posting as much as I used to (not really). The internet at home isn't installed yet, and I find it tiring to go out to find wifi, thus the non-updated blog. It is the end of the school year, and school isn't like school without the annual class meeting!

On the first day of our class meeting, we were visited by three of Yasminn's friends. Leon from Belgium, Sebastian from Columbia, and Karla from Mexico. They and Yasminn told a little bit about their home country. Afterwards, Saras and I took them for a school tour.

The first four hours of class meeting was filled with girls basketball and boys soccer. It might not seem tiring, but the sun was burning and we lack of water, so we got tired real quick. My class' basketball game wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good either. We had an opportunity of shooting a few points, but we missed every shot, which got us into third place. However, the soccer game was pretty legit. We came in second place, after the eleventh graders (+ Sebastian) won by penalty shots. Third and second place don't really matter. We had fun that day, and the second that was much more fun.

le winner of this year's soccer match

After school, Saras, Sebastian, Karla, Leon and I went back to Yasminn's place to shower. To end the day, we watched Kick Ass 2.

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