Sunday, March 1


Dear lovers,

It amazes me how honest I can be when I write. I have a stack of hand-written letters on my drawer that I never got/afraid to send. This March I will be quite busy, and I think my mind will go nuts for a while because my art, ICT, and music lessons are cut due to the preparation of the national and school exam. I am glad that my PE lessons are still there to keep my class semi-sane. Thank goodness for music. March is known for the Java Jazz Festival, one of the biggest jazz festivals in SEA, which I will be attending on Saturday. Therefore if anyone is going there as well, let us catch up or meet up and scream our hearts out into an unknown music blasting from the stage. My school is also having Festival Keroncong Muda Indonesia for the first time, and yes I will also be there [for I am one of the committee]. The entrance is free, the food stalls are mouth-watering [IMAGINE KUE APE, MARTABAK, KUE PUTU... Oh thank God for traditional food] and you get to watch quite a lot of keroncong performances that will make you feel really grateful for being an Indonesian.

Like wise, one of my goals in life is to create better bonds with my friends and families. I am glad that this March started nice, because: Early in the morning, I danced with six very, very beautiful girls that I love so much. At noon, I went to a family lunch and catching up with the Djanos have always been pleasurable. Right now, I am home with my dearest ones, with our fingers covered with oily butter after eating my failed mini muffins.

If you aren't a senior and have flexible schedules, go get some fun this March. Go to Pantai Indah Kapuk for a day and have a culinary trip. Go to Sawarna, Banten for a better beach than Anyer. Hop on to a commuter line and commute around Jakarta, making stops at random places. Jakarta is big but easy. You won't get lost. Try pilates or boxing. It only lasts an hour or two. Burn them calories. Drive to Sentul for fresh air that's only an hour away from the mid-city noise. Run at the Car Free Day, and eat interesting street foods. Surprise your oldie-but-a-goodie friend and talk until the sun sets. Plan a trip for the summer. I mean, planning is the greatest part. 

You know what? Even if you are a senior, go get some fun. A little fun won't hurt.

Have a great March, lovers.

Yours truly,