Friday, April 24



After the long-awaited national exam was over, my class and a few teachers grabbed three cars and headed ourselves to Bandung, West Java.

We took off at 8.30 am, got lost in the hilly roads Bandung has for us, went to a restaurant that is surprisingly closed on weekdays, and arrived at a Sundanese restaurant at 2.30 pm. The restaurant was located at a cliff that was heading towards Lembang. The view was spectacular, but terrifying as well, due to the storm that happened. For three days, the 18 of us had our stomachs filled mostly with fried & grilled chicken, kangkung, fried & grilled fishes, tofu and tempe.

The villa we slept in was wonderful. It had two balconies, two small rooms, one main room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a large living room. The staircase was magnificently done, making it circling the house. And the best part of the house, was that it had a karaoke machine. Knowing my class, who loves to sing whenever and wherever, that karaoke machine was a goldmine. From Rhoma Irama to Afgan, we sang everything.

At the second-floor balcony which faced the mountain I cannot name, there was a round wooden table. And on that table is where Poker happens. Loser gets their face covered in baby powder. We played everyday, and at a point, we [fortunately] got to cover a few of our teachers’ face with powder. ha ha. ha.

Since we’re seniors, and at that time were in Bandung, we decided to visit a few well-known universities. My dream school was one of them. It was breathtaking, and I kept praying and hoping that one day I’ll be a student there. Other than schools, we visited a famous family-area that has a huge, huge area for their horses and ponies, as well as an OK food court that we had our last lunch at.

The past three days were fun, dramatic, spooky and tiring. There are only eleven of us seniors. We’re not many, but we’re much, much more than everyone thinks we are.