Thursday, May 14


There are times where it's late, your brother's asleep, and your parents haven't got home. You're supposed to be asleep, but yet, here you are, doing something that can be done later on. And then right when you desperately need to pee, or your stomach starts to growl, you hear the front door locks opening. You thought, "Oh I can't let them find me still awake". This is a three step tutorial on how to look like you have just gotten awake from bed. So when you get out from your bedroom, and your parents see you, you can go "[yawn] I need to pee".

Original condition

1: Hair flip

If you've been awake looking good, then it's time to look bad. Flip your hair a few times until it looks puffed up and messy.

2: Face pat

Pat your face a couple of times so it'll... i don't know. I just do this.

3: Yawn

Start faking a yawn, and then a real yawn will come. When your real yawn is about to come, go out of that door and 'sleep walk' like a pro.

After doing your business, kiss your parents good night, turn off your main light, turn on your desk lamp, and continue your previous activity. You're welcome.