Friday, June 26

Sugar, We're Going Forward

Whether it's accidental or on-purpose, my graduation & prom night are always on the same day. On June 11th, my school had their graduation and prom night. On my graduation, I wore a pastel version of lime-green Kebaya, with a grey-blue silk Batik skirt, and a pair of Something Borrowed Strappy Sandals. Sitting between my two friends whose been with me for six years in the school amphi theatre was heartbreaking, yet I couldn't wait to get out of the school. I observed each person I knew for the past eight years of my life at SPI. They were either laughing at my class' sitcom-like performance, or crying because they would no longer see our sitcom-like class after that particular day. My class sang The Call by Regina Spektor. Or people know it as 'the song from Narnia'. We had a mini drama inside it, and acted as if we were in a concert. But that's my class, you know? Making things fun and happy, instead of sad and depressing. I saw my year 11 class teacher crying while he and the choir team was singing The Sound of Music OST, Climb Every Mountain. I cried seeing him cry. My newbie-but-a-goodie best friend cried as I took my certificate from the elders of the school. My primary English teacher was stunned by my class' performance, she basically complimented us one by one.

For Prom, I wore an Icons Black Flare Dress, with my graduation heels. I had my hair into a braided undo, with curls on the left side. I wore gold-beige eyeshadow from NAKED, winged eyeliner using NYX Super Fat Eye Marker and Sephora no. 22 Matte lipstick. I felt like the famous Instagramer, Pupupaula. Entering the ballroom an hour late after the time on the invitation, my friends and I were told to sit in front. As I looked at the dining table, I saw a piece of A4 paper, with my name written on it, saying I've been awarded as most creative. 

The Prom Night was superb. There were balloons in black, white and gold everywhere. The music was loud and enjoyable. The food was okay. The place itself was beautiful, I got goosebumps. The performances each class gave was fun, as well as the performance by the teachers. We jumped, we shouted, we sang, we danced, and there were even a mosh pit during certain chorus of a song. The games were nerve wrecking (at least for those who participated… the boys in the make up challenge…), and the end of the prom itself gave the whole attendants an Endorphin rush! It was a good way to end the night. To end the year. 

"And in that moment, I swear we were infinite." 
- Stephen Chbosky

Before I went home, I had short conversations and took pictures with a few of the people who I know I'm going to miss badly. My ICT and Chemistry teacher who I've befriended with since I was in year 4 (my best friend and I caught him singing We're All In This Together, and we basically got close with him) told me how he'll miss having me at school. And I'll definitely miss him very much as well. My Biology teacher, also my year 12 exam counsellor, who answered all my small and big questions on why and how of our human body hugged me and laughed, and we took a picture together. My Physics and the social class' Maths teacher were two of the funnest teachers the school ever had. They were hilarious, cool, and caring. My class had funny first impressions with the both of them. We tricked one of them with our fake names, and the other… Let's just say we saw him as a guy who liked to eat Siomay. One of my very first friends when i first entered SPI hugged me, and we did a mini flashback. The other one is in the US, doing an exchange program in Michigan. My Prom King, who has been there for me since year 7. All the relationships, the heartbreaks, the upsets, the musicals, the dances, the deaths, and everything in between. My History teacher, as we were his first students after uni, gave a little speech to us graduates, telling us to make it into a national uni, to be good, to be useful, and to always have principles. And a whole more who I cannot name one by one.

I'm going to have another graduation, hopefully in four to five years. I'm going to graduate as either a Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Communications. Hopefully, from a national university, or maybe abroad (Yes, i'm talking to you Australia). In six years or more, I'm going to have my own magazine (collaborating with my dear cousin), develop the family restaurant, and travel endlessly around the globe. And while all of this is happening, I'll always know who I have to thank for in making me who I am today (and will be tomorrow).