Sunday, June 28

To Lah or Not To Lah: Kuala Lumpur 2015


The view from our hotel room.

It's dry season in Indonesia, might be known as Summer in other countries, and that means... holidays! Saras & I have planned our KL trip since a few months ago, to celebrate the end of a year. Why KL, you ask? Well, it's near, it's cheap, and we don't need a visa to get in. Plus, I've never been to KL before, so why not.

We arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 12 pm, with a luggage, a handbag, and a passport in our hands. Lucky us, my uncle currently lives in KL, so he picked us up and we stayed at his place. The hotel he has been staying at was slightly across the KLCC Suria Mall, and right next to Avenue K. The KLCC Station was right underneath Avenue K, so our location at KL was in a very good location. In the afternoon (Malay: Petang), Uncle T took us to the KLCC Park which was beautiful. It felt like an Asian Central Park, because of the shady trees and bridge.

We woke up at 8, and had breakfast at a cafe in KLCC Park. At 10.30 (Malay: Sepuluh setengah), we went to Petrosains, a place where magical things happen in the name of science. Saras, David & I went inside with great enthusiast of a child. We went around (Malay: pusing-pusing) the whole place, trying every piece of science there is. Petrosains is divided into several parts, which makes it easy for people to look around. Saras & I are both from the Science major, so we felt really cool and happy that we understood the basic knowledge of each experiments. The ticket entrance was reasonable for its huge area and amazing science experiments. The three of us agreed that Petrosains was better than Singapore's Science Center (Sorry Singapore).

My favourite experiment.


After that, we rode the LRT to KL Sentral, and walked to Brickfield to have lunch. We had lunch in a place called Radhey's Heavenly Delight. It served Indian-vegetarian meals, which was surprisingly nice. At least, some of them. After having our meals digested well, we walked towards a park called Taman Dusun Bandar. The park was nice, but it isn't advertised very well so when we got there, it was empty. Plus it isn't well maintained so the fruits from the trees were stolen. We opened our picnic mat and sat in front of the lake. The wind was great, the sun shone brightly (maybe too bright), and the grass was soft. At petang, we met Uncle T and walked to his construction site. I've never been to a construction site before, so it was pretty cool. We went to his on-site office and he gave us those worker helmets and neon vests, and took a picture in front of the construction site. He explained how the hydraulic jack works in building underground levels. For dinner, Saras, David, Uncle T, and I walked to Pavilion which is located in the Bukit Bintang area, and ate Mexican. The Bukit Bintang area is known as Kuala Lumpur's version of the NY Times Square.

"I have a big head, and little arms."

What I Wore:
Day 1: Orange Batik Sleeveless Top (Bought in Yogyakarta) + Black Leggings (ITC Fatmawati) + White Pool Sliders (Custom made, inspired by Topshop) + H&M Black handbag.
Day 2: AVANAVA top + Black culottes (Pandora Box Garage Sale) + previous pool sliders + previous handbag.