Thursday, August 13

Life Update: August

The beginning of the uni life has already been booking most of my schedule, so here are a few updates on what's been happening in the life of janis argeswara:

1. Moving to Bali: I am now officially a student in Bali, no longer a tourist. Learning marine biology is both exciting but I'm quite nervous about it as well. Moving to Bali itself isn't as satisfying as I thought it would be, though maybe it's because the lack of public transportation Bali has. But I'm really happy about the over-ocean highway road, and the beautiful landscapes everywhere. Although I haven't had my towel smell like salt like I had in Adelaide...

2. Cuts, bruises, and clumsiness: I've been getting all these cuts and bruises and swollen muscles lately because of my general clumsiness. Not that important, but keeping this list going.

3. Motorbike: Yes.  I can finally ride something other than a bike. I'm not that confident to go out on the open road tho, but there's still hope.

4. Uni-related stuff: Made friends from different islands of Indonesia during the orientation process. It was fun and interesting to hear different languages and accents. I have also found a place to call home, and glad that it is the same floor with two of my uni friends.

5. Friends separating: It's sad because when you're no longer in the same school, you don't see your friends everyday. And it's getting harder to catch up with them. I cherish each second seeing them or hearing their voices because it's the best of what I can have from high school.

6. We The Fest: Was awesome. A total mind blowing music festival, although it could've gone better with Passion Pit actually in it, instead of through Madeon's performance. I didn't take any good pictures this year because a) i forgot to bring my camera; b) i was too busy dancing the bad vibes away. This year's line up was all about dancing and jumping and having a good time. Highlight of this year's WTF is definitely Sheppard's Geronimo performance, FLIGHT EFFIN FACILITIES, the fetus Madeon, and of course Oz band Panama. Also the newb local Elephant Kind and their hot guitarist, John.

Those are the current updates on my life right now. I hope the landlord puts up the wifi soon on the flat (kosan doang sebenernya) I'm staying at, so I can post more.

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