Thursday, August 13

Pusing-Pusing: Kuala Lumpur 2015


On the fourth day, we were supposed to go to Sunway Lagoon, a theme park just outside of KL. But the tickets were so pricey, we decided not to go. Instead, knowing how crazy I am about the ocean life and all of its living creatures, we went to Aquaria! Happy me!

Saras & I had our bolang (Bocah Petualang) time. We basically hopped on and off the GO KL bus. Our first stop was near Muzium Telekom, and we walked toward the coffee shop we wanted to go earlier, LOKL. We had lunch there, where at that time was crowded with people from the office. The interior of the coffee place was cozy, the food was great, and the music played is superb. The price isn't as pricey as most good coffee shops are, so it was a good deal.

After digesting our meals, Saras & I walked toward Pasar Seni to catch the bus heading Dataran Merdeka. Dataran Merdeka is beautiful, and across it is an abandoned building that is still maintained for tourist purposes (maybe?). We then caught another bus that headed toward KL Sentral Station, and then we took the LRT to KLCC. From KLCC, we walked to Aquaria. 

We arrived at Aquaria just in time for the Piranha feeding. Two boys from the UK came over to us and talked about how excited they were to watch Piranhas eat. They've only seen it on TV. The Piranhas were given a dead fish for them to eat. It wasn't as quick as I thought it would be, but it was pretty quick. After that, Saras and I walked around the Aquaria and in less than an hour we were out. The ticket to go to Aquaria was very expensive, and it wasn't really worth it because the Aquaria is very small. The aquariums were clean, but it weren't as big as those in Sea World Indonesia. But if you're a gigantic sea fan just like I am, it's worth a shot. 

We had coffee with David at another coffee shop called The Library. They have really good Matcha Latte and Garlic Bread. After fast breaking, Uncle T, Saras, Uncle Bob & I had Thai seafood for dinner. We then head to Mt. Kiara. We thought Mt. Kiara was a small mountain, something like Puncak. Apparently not. It was just a place in a slightly higher ground than KL. We head towards a rooftop of a hotel/apartment, and hung out with a few other relatives until midnight. And to end the night, we went to another Nasi Kandar Pelita and had roti canai.

What I Wore:
Day 4: Forever 21 Black T-Shirt Dress + White Pool Sliders (custom, inspired by Topshop) + H&M Black Handbag + thrifted sunglasses.