Saturday, August 22

Zahid Sudah Biasa: Kuala Lumpur 2015


We only had two days left in the big and bright Kuala Lumpur, so we decided to make use of it.


Saras and I went to Batu Caves by LRT first to KL Sentral, and from KL Sentral we took the KTM Komuter. We met my friend at Batu Caves, and head there together. It was beautiful. The statues were amazing, and the cave was enormous! The stairs, however, was very steep and it smelled like pee (because of the monkeys hanging around the area). The area was also filled with pigeons, and I felt happy and amazed. Being there made me realise how different the Hindu temples are in KL and Bali. The temples in Bali is more traditional and classic, while the one KL has is more colourful and feels like you're in a kid's story book. 

The three of us head back to KL Sentral and had lunch at Teh Tarik Place. The food was good, and the price was also reasonable. We met up with David, and went to Bukit Bintang by monorail to find souvenirs for the people back home. My friend went back to her place at Subang, and so David, Saras and I went back to the hotel by GO KL. After pampering myself with a bath, we went to Johnny Rockets and had our last meal together. We walked to KLCC Park as well for a last look before our flight in the morning. We said our goodbyes to David, and went back to the hotel. 

Uncle Bob promised to take us to Putrajaya, the government area of KL. We went there at 9 pm, and wander around the area by car. It was beautiful. There was a bridge that were lit up by LED lights, and a mosque that were built out of metals. The structure of the area - as my uncle said- was very American. I agreed. It was neat, clean, and the roads were wide. We had a seafood dinner at midnight in a food place outside Putrajaya. The food was really, really good. It really satisfied our semi-empty stomaches. It was past midnight, but both uncles insisted we take a one more look at a mosque near the PM's office. It was closed, but we could still see it. It was beautiful, and the office looked like a castle. We arrived at the hotel at 1.30 am, packed our bags, and went right to bed.

In the morning, Uncle T accompanied us to KL Sentral with our luggages and extra bags. He bought us KLIA Express tickets, and we said our goodbyes. The train from KL Sentral to KLIA took about half an hour. We checked in, bought more food for the people at home, and took off. We arrived in Jakarta at 2 pm, with the sunrays stinging our skin.

What I Wore:
Day 5: Black V-Neck t-shirt + Uniqlo Plaid Jeggings + H&M White Sandals + H&M Black Handbag

This is a song that haunted Saras & I while we were in KL. It's a really good song.