Saturday, September 5



It’s 00.45, and two of my friends just went to their rooms, heading for the bed. Somehow, the past week time has slowed down. I started my days officially as a uni student last Tuesday, whereas our first lecturer, who taught Basic Chem didn’t come. The second period lecturer came in at noon, explaining on what are marine sciences and what are we going to learn about. There were about 110 people in the class, which consisted of both Marine Sciences & Water Resources Management students. I’ve never had a class more than thirteen people in total, thus I couldn’t concentrate entirely. 

I read a post by Nirrimi earlier today, and it hurts because there are parts where I can resemble. She wrote, “We are both flying out on the same day. We hold each other for a long time at the airport. From his shoulder I ask, ‘do you think things will ever be okay between us?’ and he says, ‘someday they will be.’ But I don’t know. All I can do is hand him the letters I’ve written him that contain my heart and soul and say goodbye.”

The people I’ve encountered with in Bali are exciting and fun, because they’re different from the people I’ve encountered with back home. I’m happy that I’ve (tried to) blend in with the community by speaking their accent, and dressing like them, especially when riding the motorbike. I have dance practice everyday in an area quite far from where I live. Sometimes it’s hard to find a ride -- not going to the area -- but going back to my place. But I’m glad people are nice, the universe is on my side, and God is giving me easiness because I’ve always gotten a ride back home. Living in Bali doesn’t feel like living away from home.

Last Sunday, two Jakarta friends, Akmal and Damar, and myself decided to go to Pandawa Beach at noon. We knew it was hot, but we took off anyway. The sunshine stung my skin; it felt like it was burning. The road to the beach wasn’t anywhere near finished, but it was crowded with people already. From the cliff, we saw the big turquoise ocean, their waves splashing one and another. I couldn’t help but die a little, knowing I am only 20 minutes away from this spectacular landscape. Going down to the beach, the smell of the sea went right into my nose, reminding me of the times I had spent in Australia. We saw an empty area, so we immediately removed our slippers, threw our bag on the big rocks, and ran into the sea. Having my legs touch the soft sand, and the water splashing up to my knees is relaxing and the best life therapy I could ever ask for. We opened our phones and took pictures, but then we put them back in our bags and head to the sea. No, we didn’t swim. Akmal was wearing his jeans for Heaven’s sake, but we head on. Damar was trying to get a grab of an orange thingy floating by the water, when a surprise wave hit him. He had his back and his pants all wet. As Akmal and I were busy playing with the water and the sand, Damar took his analog camera and started to shoot things. Both Akmal & I felt like models. After nearly an hour of getting tanned (without us noticing), we head back home and found out that some of my relatives are waiting for me, and our friend waiting for Damar. 

It’s not easy to write my days like this. It seems easy because there is no particular order of the days, but it really isn’t. I tried writing this in the morning, but I felt inspired and the need to write right now, thus this is my midnight writings. I went inside my room at 00.45 because I was in the living room with my friends, talking about ones cooking and uni activities. I’m happy that my friends are my second family. I hope Bali keeps being nice, or atleast tries to.

First & last pictures are shot on Damar's analog.

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