Friday, September 25

Trembling Hands

My first three weeks of the uni-life was packed with dancing practices for the well-known contemporary dance & defile competition at my university’s 53rd anniversary. Everyday, my friends and I had to travel about 40 km from uni to the practice place. Gladly, the pain is over. But I am now going to be very confused of what I should do after class is over.

On the d-day, the defile team arrived at the uni at 5 am, while the contemporary team arrived at 8 am. As the contemporary team did their makeup, the defile team got ready and went down to the field. Us, contemporary team couldn’t go down, thus our shouts that turned everyone’s head up to the building. After I finish my makeup, people keep telling me I look like Ratu Pantai Selatan, which is basically some mystically queen living in the southern Javanese beach. And my best friend, whom I sent a picture of me to her, said I looked like an evil mermaid. Not sure whether I should take them as a compliment, or an insult… But I guess I can take that as a compliment. They called me a mermaid and a queen, after all.

The dance was divided into four parts: the soldiers who were on war, the ocean and its god who raged, the zombies who were spreading viruses to the soldiers, and the fairies who cured the sick soldiers. I was one of the fairies. There were so many flaws, but gladly the audience were still entertained by the performance.

I don’t remember writing about my new year’s resolution here, but I decided to only have three of them. One, is to graduate high school with a result that could take me elsewhere. Two, is to renew the relationship I have with people & meet new people. Lastly, is to travel more. Like more more. I am a happy girl because my number one resolution is achieved. And that number two is in process. And number three is very much possible due to the island I am currently living at.

A quote I find very meaningful by Sherina Munaf: Sometimes your circle decreases in size, but increases in value. Have less but the best.

My first Ied in Bali doesn’t feel like Ied. I prayed at the uni’s field near my place with three of my friends. And then we head back home, and found out that in order to eat, we need to cook. Thus, I made pancakes! And the I slept… And then I went out with Razak, Damar & his family to grab some lunch and ice cream. And then Damar & I went to Aldy’s house to have some good old sate kambing with our dearest friends. We talked about first impressions, perspectives, problems, and so much more. It doesn’t feel like ied, because my family in Jakarta is having a really great quality time and I wasn’t there.

I hope everyone feels good about themselves. Have a great September. 

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