Sunday, October 11

Letting Go

Fall has come to an end in Australia and summer is coming soon. Good news for OZ, but not-so-good news for Bali. Indonesia is going to have their rainy season, but Australia’s heat wave will be passed on to Bali as well. And you don't even want to know what summer feels like in Australia. The weather would be awful. Imagine rain with hot wind. I’ve been going around in Denpasar at noon and I can feel the skin absorbing the heat, it hurts.

As I am writing this, it is now 11.00 pm on a Saturday. I am listening to the soundtrack of Disney’s Tangled in bed with my throat and ears in pain. All this started this morning at 4 am where my friends and I made a surprise party for my friend who was having her birthday. We lit up 12 magic candles, and surprised her at her place. At 5 am, we head off towards Kuta Beach for a rubbish transect that my faculty held every month. The sky was clear, the stars were bright, and i was happy. Seeing the traditional market getting ready for the morning was exciting.

As we arrived at the beach, there were about 20 people joining the rubbish transect. Rubbish Transect is basically counting/putting data the amount and types of rubbish there are at the beach. I myself found 91 cigarette butts. The others found 120 cigarette butts. Imagine big numbers of cigarette butts from each person for as short as 500 meters of shoreline. Too much. As the transect was over, we head off towards another event in order or my faculty’s 4th anniversary, which was a beach clean up & sending out baby sea turtles to sea. I couldn’t be happier as I took one of the babies and let them swim to the waves. It was kind of stressful because once you put them out to the waves, they’ll come back to the shore and sometimes people would step on them. So we went closer to the shoreline and let the babies get swooped away by the waves. My friend and I kept wishing them a safe journey to the big, blue ocean.

At noon, a few people and I head out to McDonald’s for an ice cream. I knew I wasn’t feeling fit but I kept getting that flavourful McFlurry and ended up with a sore throat and painful ears. My friends then had plans to swim at the pool near my place, but it was occupied by the seniors. So as we waited for the pool to clear up, we ordered some Mie Kober by Go-Jek. It took forever. Mie Kober has one of the longest queues in history. Waiting for the bang Go-Jek to arrive, I showed my friend my school yearbook and PP outcome. Sharing my high experience makes me miss high school a lot.

At 4.30 pm we went to the pool to found out that the pool was filled with kids in the swimming club. But they jumped in anyway. They swam until 7 pm, and I waited until 7 pm. I felt like those mums who goes to their kid’s courses and mingle with other mums talking about school and online shopping.

On Monday, my friend will go back to Jakarta as he doesn’t feel comfortable with the major he’s studying in Bali. And he’s really spontaneous and funny, so it will be hard to not miss him. Sadly, I cannot drop him off at the airport because I will be on campus at 6.30 am for the opening ceremony of my faculty’s 4th anniversary as I am part of the choir team.

Here is a quote I obtained yesterday from my tumblr feed that I like:

"Happiness begins with you. Not with your relationship, your friends, or your job. But with you."

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