Saturday, November 21

Genuinely Happy

There are so many things happening currently and it is making me either happy or very happy.

1. Sierra Leone is Ebola-Free!
To be honest, I have never heard of the country before, but knowing that a country that was once filled with people who caught Ebola, is now free of the disease, is heartwarming! And this video that they made to celebrate the health of its people is adorable. Have faith in God, everyone. source

2. Let's Drop The First 'I' in ISIS.
Queen Rania of Jordania's talk with Huffington on ISIS is amazing. It's a short video but really opens up your mind on the paradigm given on ISIS, and why ISIS is not Islamic. source

3. Saturdays
Saturdays are always great because it's the beginning of the weekend, which means you get to stay up late, be lazy in bed, or get out and party. Either way, it's always a great day. Today, I had one of the most relaxing Saturdays that I didn't spend in bed. I woke up late because I have no alarm clock, due to my broken phone. I did a physics group work at noon, and at 2 my friend and I went to the city to get my phone fixed. Sadly, I had to leave my phone at the repair shop for two days. We had lunch afterwards, and I finally got the crepes I've been craving for, and he got nasi bakar cumi which he said was satisfying. I was in need of checking my Line account because that's where all my friends and family contact through, so we searched for wifi nearby our place. And then my other friend came by with his sister, whom I've grown fond with. She is only 4 years old and very much adorable. She reminds me of my dearest niece back in Jakarta. She wanted to go to the beach, so we did. We strolled by Jimbaran beach, and head our legs drowned by the seawater. I got home and cooked myself a not-that-great-but-satisfying spaghetti.

If my phone wasn't broken, I wouldn't have this very relaxing Saturday.

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