Saturday, November 21

Something Good Can Work


I had to work on my birthday this year. I was in the publication and documentation team for my faculty’s event, called Marfish Classic, an event where we celebrate the faculty’s fourth year by cleaning up the beach, planting mangrove trees, and of course, music.

The event itself was located at Mertasari Beach, just a beach away from Sanur. Our event was on this small island, where one bamboo-wooden bridge connected the small island to its main island.

The preparation to that day was exhausting, as Punda and i had to redo the flyer, food vouchers, and compilation video. We head back and forth to the printing place because there were so many things that came in sudden. But that day was fun. I planted my own mangrove, with the help of the sweetest senior I have ever known, took rubbish from the beach (and had help from another community that was powered by Go-jek), was given a surprise birthday performance by my friends, ate an all cheese pizza that was given by Punda’s mum, took pictures and saw how happy people were, and watched live music at the beach. 

As the sun sets, and night came, I wore the faculty’s polo shirt, black pants (leggings covered with sheer cloth), and my favourite white high tops Converse, which I ditched later on for my Fipper sandals.

That day I got three birthday surprises, and I can’t thank everyone enough for the candles they had to get just so that i can make more wishes.

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