Tuesday, January 5


It's kind of disappointing, because by the end of 2015, I was very busy that I didn't have the time to make my 2016 resolutions, as I always do. My 2015 ended with a practical test, where at midnight I fell asleep in a hotel at Seminyak with my dearest cousins, only hearing sounds of fireworks from a distance. And began 2016 with a relaxing walk at Seminyak Beach, continued by a night flight to Jakarta.

But since 2016 has just begun, there's no harm in making a new year's resolutions now. Therefore, my 2016 resolutions are:

1. Participate in an activity where it will take me to new places. In other words, travel more. 
2. Be straightforward, but gentle and kind. Because you never really know when things are going to stop.
3. Be healthier, in which I would have to take more care of my body (I would have to keep my stable weight, increase my height a bit more, create a clean environment, eat healthy food, and the list goes on.)
4. Expand my relationship bank account, as well as my personal bank account.

I'll only be in Jakarta a week plus a few days, and I'm spending it with my friends and family, while also doing my practical activity reports. Life is tough in marine sciences, but I'll manage it.

"Invest in people who invest in you."


  1. Hell yes lady can you tell what kind of "body caring" you mentioned above to increase body height

    1. ah i'm sorry i just read your comment hehe

      swimming & consuming stuff with more calcium basically.


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