Monday, January 25

Warm Companies: Bedugul


7.00 am

On January 23rd - 24th, half of the kids from my major (marine sciences) decided to have a weekend together. We decided to rent a villa at north Bali, Bedugul. The villa itself was beautiful, and the view was even better. Our hours together were spent with random dances, water games, picnics, snuggling under the blankets, sleeps, and of course, plenty of food! Sadly, our bonfire didn't happen due to the non-stop rain Bedugul has provided. But not even the rain could stop us from having fun.

The girls giving my guy friend makeup

Making sate lilit

Our potluck picnic

Trying to fire up the grill, which took forever

Analog by Damar

Our morning walk towards the Beratan lake

Analog by Damar

Analog by Damar

Finally, a decent ootd picture

A short video on our weekend is coming soon!

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