Saturday, February 13

Sun-kissed: Nusa Penida


One of the perks of living in Bali is the plenty amount of public holidays you get, due to the many ceremonies and prayers the major belief (Hindu) has to do. For the non-Hindus, that means a holiday. An escape. People figure that being in Bali itself is already an escape, but sometimes you need to escape to another island. To experience different people, culture, places, food and so on. This February, we get a week of holiday, thanks to Chinese New Year and local event Galungan. Out of the blue, a few friends and I decided to head back to our friend’s home, Nusa Penida. 

We packed not-so-light, due to the snorkelling gear we brought by ourselves, and the different amount of cameras we took, as well as the swimming suit and clothes. While we were there, we visited Pasih Uwug, Pantai Puyung, Crystal Bay, Bukit Teletubbies and Pantai Atuh. The struggle getting to these places were definitely real. The pain our legs, backs and butts endure was crazy. The tanned and sunburnt skin we had to ‘give’ to the sun. The flat tire in the motorbike we rent, which had engine problems as well. The lack of motorbikes we had, thus we had to boti (bounceng tiga). But all those complains and problems were far forgotten as our eyes viewed the blue and the green of Bali, and as our skin touched the water so clear, clean and cool.

Video coming soon!

"Travel is the simple chance of reinventing ourselves at new places where we are nobody but a stranger.” - Ika Natassa.

Welcome to Pasih Uwug!

Welcome to Pantai Puyung!

Brotherly love

Snorkeling. As usual.

Welcome to Bukit Teletubbies!

Welcome to Pantai Atuh!


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