Thursday, May 26

Semester Two: Recap

I feel bad for neglecting this blog for quite a while now… Semester two is almost over and I cannot wait for the Ramadan and the holidays! While I cannot write every specific detail of what I’ve been through this semester, here’s a glimpse of my semester two:

Phylum: Chordata / Class: Reptilia
Species: Chelonia mydas

Practical Activities
So basically, this semester my class had two subjects that involved practical activities (actually three, but we don’t really count swimming as a practical activity) which are zoology and ichthyology. In Zoology, we learned about the different phylums that exist in our big blue planet, and in Ichthyology we learned about fish and their general existence (gonads, fecundity, distribution, morphology, etc.) Everything was fun while it lasted. My drawing skills grew quickly, as we always draw what we see during practical activities. 

My work for Easter

Uni Organisation: Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa and Kepanitiaan (committee)
This year I decided to join the faculty’s student council as a member of the Communication and Information Department. It suits my area of interests definitely, as it plays with social media, graphics, picture, design, and so on. I wanted to take the ‘Interest and Talent’ department, but I was transferred to this department instead. Having designing skills is a great thing to have, thus people ask for your help to become a part of the event committee. This semester only, I joined two faculty committees, one external committee, and got two jobs. Being in the student council and in the 3D section of a committee got its perks, but man it’s exhausting.

Le Boyfriend
Finally got myself a boyfriend! Haha! I am so grateful to have my friend as my boyfriend. He helps me with so many things like fixing my toilet plumbing, accompanying me doing my work which took hours to finish, reminding me to pray everyday, taking care of me when I am not capable of taking care of myself, teaching me how to ride the motorcycle, etc. Happy me :)

The Temper Trap is coming to Jakarta on Wednesday for a special acoustic showcase at a top secret spot and we are inviting 4 lucky people to join the showcase! Those 4 lucky people will also have the chance to meet & greet them in person. Join #TheTemperTrapSpecialShowcase competition and be 1 of the 4 lucky winners! How to join: 1. Regram this photo or simply take a screenshot of this picture and post it on your account 2. Start your caption with "I wanna join #TheTemperTrapSpecialShowcase this Wednesday because...." followed with your reason. Convince us that we should pick you as the winner! 3. Include the hashtag #TheTemperTrapSpecialShowcase #WTF16 in the caption 4. Tag @We.The.Fest on the photo 5. Post your submission before Tuesday, 10 May at 3 PM Jakarta time We will pick 4 lucky winners with the most convincing answers! This is your opportunity to all the massive fans out there! Good luck!
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We The Fest 2016
This is one of the things I am excited most this holiday!!!! Ismaya’s annual We The Fest is back, and they’re bringing more artists within two days! The artists I am most excited for are THE TEMPER TRAP, The 1975, Mark Ronson, Barasuara, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Naif, and The Trees and The Wild.

Mudik: Jakarta.
Ahh yes, of course. My trip back to Jakarta this semester will not be a two hour plane trip. Instead, it’s going to be a four days train trip with my friends! We’re planning on visiting Malang and Yogyakarta on our way to Jakarta. During this time though, we would be fasting, thus the places we’re visiting won’t consume too much of our energy. We’ve booked hostels in Malang and Yogyakarta, and going to buy the train tickets soon. I’ll share my itinerary and budgetary as soon as I get back to Jakarta. Everything is coming very fast and I cannot wait!


  1. Hai, Janis! Aku silent reader blog kamu sejak 2014, ga tau kenapa selalu suka sama tulisan kamu yang singkat tapi informatif dan menyenangkan. I'm also one of your followers :)

    Just wanted to say hi aaand have a nice day to you, Janis!

    1. Waa terima kasih Ayas! Semoga terus seneng baca tulisanku yang nggak jelas ini yaa hehe ;)


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