Wednesday, June 29

Ingin Pulang: Jogja Jakarta

On our way to Jogja!

After stopping by Malang, we stopped by Jogja as well.

We arrived in Jogja and the weather was friendly. We went to our stay (Hoz Bed & Breakfast), checked in and walked to find something to eat. We followed the receptionist's recommendation, thus we had our late lunch at Ayam Geprek Mbok Moro (such good food!!!). Later that evening we cleaned ourselves and then went out by 9.00 pm.

We drove to Alun-alun Kidul (South Alun-alun), with our first goal to eat Mi Godog, but then we realised mi godog is in the North Alun-alun. What surprises me most about the alun-alun are the neon cars!!! The people around there created a transportation that looks like a car, however is powered by... cycling! We also found the historical and magical Tahu Bulat! Oh how long my friends and I have been craving for this and we finally got some! We also played the 'game' that is known in this alun-alun, where we have to walk with our eyes covered in between two big trees.

Neon lights shining the cars

Our stomachs growl and we decided to hit the well-known and AADC2-featured Sate Klathak Pak Bari, a few kilometers outside the city. The food is so good I can still taste the saltiness of the sate. We ate until our stomachs exploded, and went back to our place by midnight.

We checked out of our place by noon, and went to Taman Sari Water Palace. The palace was beautiful, and it was much larger than I expected. We went around the place, getting awed by the beautiful ruins of the palace, as well as classic architecture, and took some stunning pictures. We also got some ice cold fresh Es Dawet on our way back before lunch.

Vibrant colours in the middle of the area

Beautiful, beautiful wall colour


The toilet outshining other buildings with its colours

Uggghhhh the colour! So pretty

The squad getting ready to be classified as 'squad goals'

The boyfriend

The squad classified as 'squad goals'

For lunch, we had the tasty Gudeg Yu Djum. Nothing tastes better than gudeg from Jogja. We ended our Jogja wandering by strolling down Malioboro street and riding the dogcart to buy bakpia.

Typical couple picture lol


We almost missed our train to Jogja thanks to clumsy me who read the ticket wrongly. But we didn't. We arrived in Jakarta at 4.30 am after the delay.

"Travel is learning that the journey is as memorable as the destination"
- Ika Natassa


Basically, I planned the whole trip (my friends are lucky I have a hobby of planning things in advance) which consists of choosing the accommodation, buying train tickets, making the itinerary, and so on. Click here for the itinerary.

Where I bought my tickets: PT. Kereta Api Indonesia
Where I booked the accommodations:

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