Wednesday, August 17

Pantja Sila: Cita-cita dan Realita

Last week I got the chance to attend the premiere and press conference of Pantja Sila: Cita-cita dan Realita which is directed by Tino Saroengallo and Tyo Pakusadewo. The movie is basically Ir. Soekarno, played by Tyo Pakusadewo, giving his thoughts in a speech on the basic fundamentals of Indonesia back in 1945. 

If you’re familiar with Indonesian history, the speech was a part of an assembly that discussed the basic fundamentals of Indonesia as an independent and colonial-free country in front of the Badan Penyelidik Usaha-usaha Persiapan Kemerdekaan (BPU-PK). After a few other public figures giving their idea of the basic fundamentals of the country, Ir. Soekarno gave his ideas.

Although the movie was quite long and... Well, for an 18 year old like me it might get a bit boring, but the content of the movie was inspirational. Om Tyo played his role to the fullest thus people saw him as Ir. Soekarno himself. Hearing him talk with an accent and referring to books written in Russian, French, Chinese, and so on, well it was extraordinary to hear since those languages are hard to pronounce.

Other than that, the speech also talked about Ir. Soekarno’s dreams (cita-cita) for Indonesia and its people. However, moments after he shared his dreams, the movie showed short clips of Indonesia’s current condition (realita) and it showed how Ir. Soekarno’s dreams haven’t been fully achieved although it has been 71 years since his speech.

This movie is made to remind the adults and the elderly of Ir. Soekarno's speech, and to motivate and give hope to the youth to find a solution so that Indonesia can and will achieve the dreams Ir. Soekarno has described. The movie has English subtitles as well, because not only Indonesian should be inspired by Ir. Soekarno, but other people with other nationalities as well. Because he is that good.

In short, if you're expecting a movie with lots of stunts and explosives, then this movie may not be for you. But if you're expecting a movie that can change you into a better Indonesian, a better citizen, a better person with a new perspective... Well, who is better to tell you why Pancasila is the basic fundamental of Indonesia than Ir. Soekarno himself? Who is better to motivate you, especially the youth, to contribute to the country you call Indonesia than Ir. Soekarno himself? 

This movie is special, inspirational and motivating because of a speech made 71 years ago.

Pantja Sila: Cita-cita dan Realita is out now (17 August 2016) in cinemas in Indonesia. 

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