Thursday, October 6

Cheer Up, Buttercup!

PH | Myself & kind people who are willing to take pictures for me

Bali has started to rain, my friends! Rainy season is here! Hurrah! I've always loved the last trimester. Starting from October until mid January. So many celebrations and each of them are so festive! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and of course my birthday!!! 

Although year ends are my favourite, this semester will be crazy. But lucky me, i got the chance to sneak a couple of fun times in between before the craziness starts.

1. We The Fest 2016
I know, i know. This was in Jakarta. But i was already busy by then, i swear! WTF16 was amazing and fun and wet and muddy. My super duper exciting show list included the local superband Naif & Sheila on 7, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mark Ronson dj set, The 1975, and !!!! The Temper Trap!!! I also saw Barasuara whose songs i haven't really listen to, but their show was great. Really powerful voice and performance. I was awed. In between rains, my dearest cousin & I stood behind a crowd far from the stage but plenty of room to dance to Korean pop star CL. I couldn't catch a word she said clearly, but it doesn't matter cause her beats made its statement through the people dancing to it. The rain made WTF16 a little bit of both fun and gross, however this experience teaches me on what to prepare for the very English Glastonbury Festival when I get the chance.

Elephant Kind behind me

2. Soundrenaline 2016
The biggest music festival in Indonesia is back in Bali!!! Bought the tickets a few days before the concert with the boyfriend, super excited to see The Temper Trap live (again!!!) and Simple Plan!!! Also Sheila on 7, Naif, White Shoes and the Couples Company, Maliq and d'Essentials, Barasuara, Stars and Rabbit, RAN, Sore, and so many more local artists!!! Of course, things weren't always according to plan. We walked towards the venue since my place is practically behind Garuda Wisnu Kencana, and while we were there it was crazy. There was no line at all and everyone was basically pushing each other and trying to get in front to redeem the tickets. Due to the very disappointing redeeming system, the boyfriend and I missed RAN, WSATCC and a few other bands we planned to watch. The second day wasn't as planned as well, however we managed to watch Efek Rumah Kaca and I am happy thath Cholil was actually there singing and playing his guitar. Simple Plan was awesome, they reminded me of childhood times. And of course Temper Trap was amazing. The crowd at We The Fest 2016 was more hyped but the performance was better here. That week was busy but man I was happy.

3. #AkberBali48 Penulisan Skenario Film
An oldie but a goodie friend (and ex-competition judge) Kak Gina S Noer and dad's friend Om Erwin Arnada - presented by Akademi Berbagi Bali - had a sharing session/workshop on scenario writing at Rumah Sanur. The boyfriend and I went there and joined the free workshop! It was nice to visit the film industry again after leaving it for years now. We learned so much about writing point of views on a script, and how to make a story that will leave the audience either in awe or in confusion, etc. 

4. Outings with great company
Food parties and just hanging out or celebrating an event with random people on random days are the best.

Before heading back to Bali. Mind my oh-so-childlike face. I was very happy to meet my friends.

Pizza JWB with the superfriends

Kak Gede's graduation!!! 

Accompanying my Hindu friends to the temple

Before the big uni competition

Dancing like i'm one of them seaturtles

This semester will be busy and tiring, but enormous outcomes (incl. a great jazz music festival, a colourful colouring competition, a victory and a birthday for my faculty, three super marine-scientific journals, geeky programming knowledge, and a healthier me) are expected and hopefully this semester goes well.

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