Sunday, April 30

Early Riser: Coastline

Photo taken at Geger Beach, Bali.

I can easily conclude that during the fourth semester, I have gone to the beach almost at least once every week. The practical activities this semester are crazy (ocean productivity, chemical oceanography, physical oceanography, marine numerical methods, and digital imagery analysis). A lot of them require fieldwork and a few of them require computer work. Believe me, both of them are tricky.

The practical activities are usually done at noon - afternoon and early in the morning. My class and I would rush to beach after lunch, and sometimes I would wake up at 05.00 and already be at the field by 06.00 ish. The vibe and surrounding of the beach at that time of day is calming, and sort of gives you soft and soothing energy to start the day, as you get the energy straight from the morning sun. Here is a playlist I made to listen to during silent mornings at the beach (more songs will be added soon)

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