Wednesday, April 12

Freshwater Escapade

You can tell it's going to be a great year when you started off the year with some crazy fun experience, don't you think?

Earlier this year, my friends and I went to Banyumala waterfall. It’s a waterfall located towards north Bali in the Buleleng regency, therefore it is quite far from where I live (South Bali). January was still the raining month, but we went anyway and it was magical.

To get to the waterfall, you would have go through a wrecked road. You can use both a motorbike and a car, but you would have to be really careful if you use a car. By the time my friends and I got there, the rain drizzled a bit, but we didn’t let that stop us. We took a few snacks, umbrellas, tumblers and towels to the waterfall. The walking track towards the waterfall isn’t that far, however it requires a good pair of legs. After paying the entrance ticket, we arrived at the waterfall after 30 minutes of walking. 

Bikini: Hey Mermaid / Spices at the Bedugul Market / Rabbits!!

The waterfall was stunning! It has its own natural pool that isn’t too deep so you can sit and relax by the water. The water was extremely cold though! The six of us went in and shivered throughout the time we were soaked in the waterfall. The feeling of being washed and surrounded by freshwater was really calming, especially coming from my girlfriends and I, who work a lot in the salt water ecosystems. We couldn’t feel out feet after almost an hour of playing in the water, so we decided to dry ourselves in the shack nearby. Luckily though, when we got there, the area was empty (there were two waterfall caretakers but they left eventually) and we had the place ourselves! Hahah we took pictures and changed our clothes and relaxed like the whole area was ours. 

Immersed in the freezing fresh water by myself which led me to an hour or two of sneezing and shivering

A great thing to do next was to warm ourselves with a bowl of bakso, and that’s what we did. We went to the Buyan Lake area where there are a few meal stands and ate lunch. Before heading back to Denpasar though, we strolled around Bedugul Market. We bought matching bracelets, and saw beautiful flowers and cute little rabbits. I wanted to buy a rabbit but I don’t think I’m responsible enough to pet one in my place. We arrived at Denpasar at 6 pm, and went back to our own homes. 

The feeling of escaping your usual routine is great, and I cannot wait for more escapades with my girlfriends. Hopefully we’ll be able to spend a night somewhere and enjoy a girls getaway next time.

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