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Buy Experience.

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Experience, needless to say, is one of the best lessons given. Am I right?

I remember going to a mini concert that Grimes had in Jakarta back then and I wore boots with heels. It was okay for an everyday walk but for concerts, man my feet were hurting. Those boots were not made for long stands. And i never wore those boots (to concerts or basically things that forced me to stand long enough) ever again. But the concert itself was great! The Grimes ticket wasn't expensive roughly Rp250.000, and the show wasn't as crowded and cramped as I expected. And of course, Grimes herself was incredible. And... I actually got a picture with her as well as her signature! I remember my cousin, her friend and I was pushed from behind and we were saying "ouch it hurts!" And the security guy let us in to see Grimes herself. Being small has its perks.

Experience like that is a great thing to have though. A great thing to tell. A great thing to cherish. A great thing to keep. And I'd like to get more experiences this year (too late for a new years resolution?). Here are a few things I'd like to experience this year: 

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1. Join an exchange program (UGRAD) and experience the life of an American teenager once (my application didn't pass though lol i faaailedd)☆
2. Go to Lombok with my girlfriends before I head back to Bali before my 5th semester starts, and travel the island like the anak petualang we are. Hopefully we would all be super healthy and ready for that trip.☆
3. Join an Australian scientist's research on microplastic and its effect on filter feeders such as rays (because honestly, who wouldn't want to dive and see rays in Lembongan Island for free?) Hopefully the slot's mine!☆
4. Start learning Dutch little by little. I have been fond of The Netherlands and all its details since I was young. So learn Dutch! ☆

5. Experience detox. Hahah I've always wanted those cold pressed juice but I have no money. So I'll probably do a cheaper way and a my-way detox. But yes! Detox is good and cleans the inside of my body. Fresh outside, healthy inside.☆
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6. Get my very own Fjallraven Kanken!!!! This has been in my bucket list for ages!!! Ok I know it has no 'experience' in it but having a Kanken will motivate me into traveling and packing more and basically going out more because then I'll be showing off my Kanken to the world! Seriously though this year I'm having this baby☆
7. Actually be able to drive and get a license... Both a motorcycle and a car. I'm 19 turning 20 this year and I can't legally drive both of them. Oh dear☆

8. Dive more and more and more. I live in a beautiful island, study in a faculty where the diving instruments is only a room away, and I'm in a diving club. So dive more and more and hope and pray that I get to see a whale shark somewhere aamiin.☆

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9. Get a weekend. A getaway. Somewhere quiet. A nice hotel. With a great big bed and pillows and bedcovers. With bathtubs you can fall a sleep in. With breakfasts you can put your face into. With pools you can sink into. Hopefully with my family cause i miss sleeping in fancy hotels with them.☆

10. Participate in more seminars, workshops, exhibitions, etc. I think sharing-events like that give so many advantages. I used to go to Erasmus Huis in Jakarta for their events, like the Suriname exhibition/party, Dutch musicians concerts, Dutch movie screenings, and even when I was a kid (I was probably 5) I went to a piano recital with dad, and it was all very fun. Why Erasmus Huis? I don't know hahah my dad have been getting my siblings and I there since we were babies. It's fun because I get to meet different kinds of people, know different culture and all. I also once went to Bandung for a dance exhibition called Dance City Density. It was just stunning, the dance and the fine art exhibition surrounding the area and it was fun too going away with my cousin just to watch an exhibition. Hopefully this year i'll be participating in these events more.☆

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So these are my big ten bucket list for this year. My travel plans right now are currently Lombok hopefully by the end of this summer, and a mini trip to Bandung with my bestie this summer. Not planning much cause I'm saving for my graduation trip which is like not until 2019 hahah. Not really planning to go to WeTheFest2017 as well cause I might be in Bali at that time. Although if Lorde shows up at the festival I might just get back to Jakarta and watch her pour her energy and secrets out to us screaming human beans. 
If you have your own bucket list (i know you do) and it involves participating and being in content and relaxed and happy, visit Eventbrite to easily get your tickets to seminars, shows, workshops, music shows, even classes easily. Their page is absolute and very complete with all the events that are happening in your area. If you live in Jakarta, well aren't you one lucky bean. Jakarta is a city of history, of art, of fashion, of food too (!!!) and basically everything there is growing. Been wanting to go around Jakarta by the commuter line but haven't got the chance. Bali is also full of fun festivals and events as well. I heard there's some pretty good things up at Ubud, might have to check that out! Kinda good to leave the mall in the weekends and do other positive things once in a while, don't you think? Anyway, Eventbrite and I share the same idea: Experience, Not Things! Better have my money spent on tickets (any tickets really, i love purchasing them) than clothing.

If you think so too, then let's ditch the sunglasses you've been wanting so bad although you don't really need them and buy a ticket instead. A ticket to a neighbouring city. A ticket to the movies. A ticket to a museum. A ticket to a bus. Whatever. A ticket is a ticket and it gives you pleasure more than a bill.

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