Friday, June 2

Going Away: The College Life

It's the end of the semester and I will have little sisters and brothers in my faculty! Congratulations to those who are already accepted at their chosen universities! And good luck to those who are still trying to find the perfect university!

Like me, my faculty might not be available (more like I didn't get accepted) at the university in my hometown, therefore I had to go away. Until now, I am the first person in my family to go away for uni. My cousins are all studying in Jakarta and I am literally the only one who got accepted in Bali. It sounds fun but scary.

Here are some things you should know about me: i like to cook, i hate doing the dishes, mopping the floor hurts my palm, sweeping is okay, i get scared doing the laundry (what if the colours all get mixed???), i can't iron my clothes, and i can’t drive neither a car nor motorbike. Do i seem like the perfect candidate to live INDEPENDENTLY? Maybe not.

But here I am. I'm in Bali, living by myself. No one to boss me around, meaning I am in charge of myself. Of my health, of the studio, of my uni. Luckily, living by myself means I get to decide whatever and whenever I want to eat. But living by myself also means buying my own meds when i feel like death. But hey! If I can do it, then so can you para calon mahasiswa merantau! Here are some things you should know and prepare before leaving your home sweet hometown:

Right. You got accepted. And you are told to be on location in two weeks. And to get there, you need a plane ticket. You'll be there giving documents, and finding a place for you to stay for the next year(s). Oh, they have a list of things to bring and what to wear. 

List down all the things you need to do for the next month. Write down all the important stuff like dates, things to bring, bookings, etc. Lists are super crucial to make during times like these. Write down all the details so you won't get all confused. Also, understand the major you're taking, where your campus would be, which will be your campus (if your uni has more than one campus), and so on. Make sure you know what to do as you land in your new town.

All universities burden students with their needed documents. However, this process is a must to get through administration. Documents are divided into two: general & specified.
General documents are: birth certificate, graduate certificate, family card (KK), id card, payment slip, newest photo of you (3x4 cm), etc.
Specified documents are according to your faculty. Some faculties might need proof you're not colour blind, etc.
Extra documents are needed when you're applying for a scholarship or when the uni is decided which economical category (UKT) you're at: electricity bills, parents' payment slip, letter of incapability (to pay), letter of recommendation, TOEFL/IELTS score, etc.

Forgetting a document or two at home could be tricky to get, so make sure all the documents needed by the time you get there are all there. Make a list of the documents needed, where to get the documents, and note whether the documents need to be legalised or not since some documents will need fresh stamps. Copy all your documents, and bring a copy or two while you're away just in case the original one gets lost. If you're applying a uni abroad, make sure to get all your documents legally translated (including the birth certificates, etc).

When I got accepted at my chosen university, I immediately made a folder on my computer which consists of all my documents scanned. Hardcopies are great, but soft copies can do you good too.

The uni wants you to be there in two weeks, therefore you would have to be in the new city at least in 13 days. Pick a date when you want to leave, and what kind of transportation is needed to get there. Ask your parents whether they'd be coming too or you're on your own. If you are on your own, make sure you know what to do as you get there. Deciding a date could be tricky sometimes, unless you're demanded to be there at a specific date. To decide on a date, refer to tip number one where you should know what to do as you get there so you can predict the time needed before the D day comes. An international trip would take some time longer to decide the date because you'll probably need a visa (for some countries).

After figuring out a date & the transportation, book your tickets asap. Then browse the internet for places to stay. Then book. AsapStay somewhere near your campus, preferably walking distance if you aren't planning to rent a bike or a car. It doesn't have to be fancy. As long as you thing you'll feel comfortable, you'll do great.

The internet has it all. Find your faculty's Facebook and you can take a peek in your new world. See the comments on the faculty's Instagram and follow random people who sooner or later will probably share a class with you.

Find out the classes you have to take for the first semester and prepare for that. You have a book on advance chem? Bring em. or maybe world politics? Take em. How are the surroundings in your campus? Do they have shuttle bus? Or do you need your own vehicle? If you do, add that to your to do list.

When you do find a place, it'll probably be way smaller than your usual room is, therefore it's best to search some small studio ideas on pinterest. I'm guessing about 80 percent of your actual room-to-be will not look like the one you've been eyeing on pinterest, but as long as you can sleep, eat, breathe and work in it, you're all good.

Don’t pack too much! You’re not going to live there just yet! You’re only there to check things out. So easy on the luggage. Bring all your documents, your clothes (including clothes set by the uni), electronics, stationary, toiletries, makeup and okay maybe a few travel items (hats, sunglasses, shorts). You’ll probably be staying for only a week top, so no need to go all heavy.

If you're going abroad, make sure to check the weather / season of the location, and adjust your clothing as the weather. You'll probably stay more than a week there, maybe up to a month or so before actually settling in. Or maybe you're planning not to go back to your home town? If you don't plan to, you'll have to make a list of the things to pack right away. Pinterest, again, is the source for planning.

This is it. You're going. At least for now. Tickets check. Documents check. Chargers check. Baggage check. All good to go. Good luck.

Administrations are done. And now you’re off to the tricky part: packing to leave.  

Pictures source: Pinterest

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