Tuesday, July 25

Berwisata bersama Fikri

On Sunday, I had a date to explore Jakarta. My boyfriend and I met up at my dad's office, and took a walk towards the Duren Tiga TransJakarta Stop (click here for bus route). We used my BNI Tapcash card to pay for the tickets.

We took the 6A bus towards the city, passing by Kuningan and stopped at Sarinah. The bus itself was comfortable and roomy, however I think the bus could be added more seats for non-priorities. Once we stopped at Sarinah, we had lunch nearby and head towards the Jakarta Explorer Bus Stop. We waited for roughly 20 minutes to get the bus we wanted.

Fun fact: The #JakartaExplorer bus is a double decker bus that allows people to explore the city without paying (meaning it's free!). There are currently 5 lanes on going (History, Skyscrapers, Modern City, Art & Culinary, and Open Spaces). The #JakartaExplorer bus is similar to Kuala Lumpur's GO KL, however has less stops than GO KL has. What I didn't really like was how the bus had hand railings on the ceiling, but we weren't allowed to stand up in the bus. So when all the seats are taken, you'd have to wait for the next bus. The bus on the weekends are filled with families and children, and it felt like a field trip bus to be honest.

That day, my boyfriend and I took the Open Spaces bus which led us to RPTRA Kalijodo.

We didn't spend much time at Kalijodo because it was scorching hot and there was nothing much to do unless you're a skater or likes to ride bikes. However there was this semi-indoor open space that can used for various events. I think you should let the trees grow a bit bigger and then go there to have picnics.

We hopped on to the next bus that came, and dropped off at the Bunderan HI Stop. It was raining by then so we half ran towards Grand Indonesia Mall.

Hours went by, we decided to leave. From GI, we walked through Gramedia towards Menara BCA and went to its lobby. Then we walked towards the nearest TransJakarta stop (about 5-7 minutes) and waited 10 minutes for the Ragunan bus (6B).

If we weren't so tired that day, we would've ride the #JakartaExplorer history lane, and visit museums and old buildings. We would also ride the Art & Culinary bus however there weren't any buses on that lane on Sunday.

This holiday I've been spending a lot of time and opportunities to use the public transportation in Jakarta. I think the transportations are super beneficial, other than the very affordable price tickets (which can be paid various ways), but also the facilities and quality of the transportation as well. What needs to be stepped up is the schedule accuracy of the incoming and outgoing bus/trains. Of course, that can't really be done unless Jakarta's streets are easily predicted. Anyway, here's to quality and quantity to Jakarta's transportations.

Video was shot on iPhone 5s, edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.

PS: I finished A Wild Sheep Chase on Saturday. It was a combination of detective work and a bit of politics. Reading it was fun, because I get to imagine the trip and clues that was written. However, I didn't really like the ending. Meh.

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