Friday, July 7

In Giving

Give, but give until it hurts
Mother Theresa

If you're wondering why there's a picture of Joey and Rachel from Friends above a quote by Mother Theresa... I've always thought Friends as a TV sitcom whose characters are all about each other, almost always willing to embarrass themselves for each other, almost always willing to help each other even if it's a bad idea or will cause trouble, and mostly they will always love each other no matter how crazy their relationship gets (take Ross and Rachel for example). To maintain a friendship or relationship like the characters in Friends did, all it takes is to give. Give attention, give presents, give advice, give hugs and kisses, give food, give long talks that you'll know they hate but it'll tell them that you actually care, and so on. The list of what to give is only limited on your creativity.

Today, my boyfriend and I went out after quite a while of not seeing each other. We went to a mall very far from my place, and even though he knows my house is far from his place, he still decided to drop me off home. I've been itching to give him and his family some healthy snacks that I've bought two weeks ago, so as he dropped me home, I gave him the snacks. He shared it with the family and they loved it. And I can't be more happy to know that they loved it. Knowing that someone else is happy because of you really gives this dreamy feeling. I know that to give, you shouldn't expect something in return. But let me tell you this: the more you give, the more you'll get.

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