Monday, July 17

Intimate Sunday

When I was a kid my dad would take my sister and I to a classical piano concert in the Dutch Embassy (Erasmus Huis) in the Kuningan area. I guess you can say my first concert wasn't pretty wild, huh? Classic piano. How better can it get? Since then, I went to other events that were held by Erasmus Huis itself or other working partners. My favourites were the time Valerius went to Indonesia and held a mini concert with a super intimate meet and greet session (hugs, selfies, conversation!), and a Suriname exhibition + culture + food exhibition that brought the party girl in me out. Of course, other than entertaining events, Erasmus Huis also have educational events such as scholarship expos, and brainstorming & discussions on a matter (plus points: they also have a library!).

Events and programmes held by Erasmus Huis and working partners

On Sunday, my friend and I decided to head out to the city and watch a dance performance titled 'I Love You But You Hinder Me' by Vloeistof and an interactive video by local dancers. We took the commuter line at 5.15 pm from UI station and stopped at Tebet station. We decided to get something to eat, so we walked about 5 minutes from the station and arrived at a local ayam bakar place. Half an hour before the show starts, we ordered an Uber pool, and got at Erasmus Huis 10 minutes early. We went around the building before the show starts and just our luck, the library was giving away free Dutch books. We took a few good looking Dutch books, viewed a painting exhibition and went to the hall.

The dance was rather strange, however it pictured the title very well and almost literal. It was a bit controversial (maybe to some people) because there were choreographs that pictured them having sex. It was rather funny, and looking at people's face expressions were priceless. However, it was rather true, that after a fight, most people (as I've seen in the movies. Ha!) would make up by having sex. Thus, the term make up sex. Both dancers were seen pushing and pulling each other, or even dragging down and falling on to each other literally, but as soon as they got separated, their bodies shook as if they were electrocuted. It resembled to reality because they were picturing hurting each other but not wanting to let go (kind of how relationships are nowadays, eh?).

I really enjoy the events held at Erasmus Huis. Besides the fact that I am just in love with The Netherlands, it's just always very interesting and inspirational. Hanging out in an embassy common places is really nice, quite and has this 'you're not in Indonesia' vibe which I am longing.

PS: The Jabodetabek commuter line is absolute! I've only been riding it three times but it's splendid! Very efficient, quite on time, and almost very crowded at all times. Hopefully the LRT and MRT will increase the quality of transportation in Indonesia and Jakarta itself.

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