Wednesday, July 12

Something Fishy


Thanks to Oji who insisted to have a barbecue feast in 2015, it became a thing. Twice a year, during the long holidays, with a group of close friends. After eating meat for so long, we decided to change the menu into fish and chips! An act of promoting Ibu Susi's Gemar Makan Ikan campaign (kind of). The feast started early, as we had to defrost the fishes (dory and tunas!), cook the fries and sausages, as well as prepare the upstairs room for Oji's 20th birthday surprise. In a sentence, the night was full of carbonated water (as usual), screams of laughter and fright as well as kindness to one another. My brother, a friend and I stayed over, woke up at 11 am the next morning, and continued watching movies until we were basically kicked out of the house (hahah kidding though, they just had somewhere to be). This was one of the best feast we had, as we celebrated our third anniversary together (it's actually our second year, but oh well).

Anatomy of Jane Doe behind

Tassels by @ggpartystore on instagram

Class of 2015 & 2016 

Looking back at our previous feasts, there has been so many changes going on in our own lives and it's amazing how we still manage to gather twice a year with our different schedules. It's nice to have a thing, a routine that you can look forward to during a specific time of the year. It keeps you going in your messy life, just so you can see the familiar faces that'll bring at least a night of happiness.

If you're going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill.

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