Wednesday, September 6

Three In One

For the past few months, I’ve been toying around with my trustee Sprocket Rocket Lomo camera. It isn’t as easy as a normal disposable camera or one of those just-click 35mm cameras, but it’s still pretty simple. Using a film camera is really fun, but you really just have to pray to get what you expect… because mines is… well, you’ll see. I also just bought Lomo's Aquapix for less than Rp100.000 on Tokopedia, and I cannot wait until it arrives. I haven't had the time to develop the rolls, and decided to develop three at once. My money flew right into the pictures. Anyway, this is what my life looks like in three rolls of film:

the boyfriend and i, Melasti beach, Bali

Ade on a swing, Baturiti Outbound and Farmstay (above), the boyfriend, Melasti beach (bottom)
the boyfriend (again), Jimbaran beach (above), can't remember where beach (bottom)

Usual pre-wedding pictures, Tegalwangi beach (where Raisa and Hamish did their pre-weddings as well)

The big blue dearest ocean, and me after crying and felt like it needed to be documented (bottom right)

Efek Rumah Kaca's Tiba-tiba Suddenly Konser Again, Jakarta (above), Making fish and chips, Jakarta (bottom)

Bedugul bound with my dear friends

Melasti beach with the boyfriend's friends visiting from Jakarta 

Melasti beach with the boyfriend

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