Wednesday, October 11

Days in the Sun: Buleleng

My third Bali-exploring experience this semester was going to Buleleng.... arriving in the middle of the night. The boyfriend, other four friends and I went to Buleleng to collect some data for the campus’ ‘Monitoring Marine Debris in Bali’s Coastline’ activity. It was my first time going up north and actually staying there for a night, so it was really exciting. We went to the north-west of Bali, reaching Gilimanuk, wandered around Pemuteran area, and basically driving through the coastline until we reached my friend’s place at Gerokgak. North Bali beaches are heavenly. With back grounds of hills, cliffs and forests, it is almost by far my favourite coast in Bali. The waves are calm, peaceful and all shades of blue. Can’t wait to go back there again and visit Menjangan Island.

Here's a short video on our trip:

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