Thursday, November 9

Adulting: Twenty

Is there such a word as adulting? Evernote underlined the word ‘adulting’, so I guess there is no such as thing as the word ‘adulting’. But I’m making it happen. At least, in this blog post.

There’s this sentence that I got from Twitter: Remember when you thought people in their 20s were adults? Hahahaha (help me).

Today, I turn twenty years old. That is me, the tanned skin, curly hair, Pakistani face girl, turning twenty. At first it didn’t seem like it was a big deal, I age every year anyway. However, after a few people made a big deal of turning twenty, it actually got scary. I am no longer in the -teen years, as my age now begins with a 2. Not that it has affected me that much now, but I know it will later.

It’s so weird turning twenty, I think? Just the fact that: from now on my friends will start graduating from uni, and then in a few years some will get married, and then have kids, and… The cycle goes on. I mean, heaven’s sake, one of my best friend is going to get married soon (!!!), that’s definitely a sign of adulting now isn’t it?

Although I don’t think I will ever feel like a real ‘adult’, I’m on my way there. I’m learning from my own and other people’s mistakes and experiences, and I’ll always try to find the high way to a problem, searching for a win-win solution. I’ll be complaining less (ha!), being more independent which are: learning to do the scary stuff (read: go to the kelurahan office to deal with my lost ID card, and everything that has to do with government issues) all by myself, and being confident enough to drive by myself (literally just being a complete risk taker), being more creative (in problem solving, dinner ideas, party planning, itineraries), being more organised (uni, work, friends, boyfriend, family, self luuuuv), and so much more!

I’m starting my twenties phase, and I really can’t wait to see what lies ahead of me. Hope the universe has something exciting, heart pounding and nerve wrecking (in a good way) for me. I’m really excited.

At the top of the post are some pictures of my friends and I celebrating my 20th birthday at Massimo Ristorante, Sanur. We had two XXL pizzas which were very satisfying (in taste and in portion), one small tasty Margherita pizza, two plates of tomato bruschetta, three plates of complimentary cheese sticks and cheese balls (??), three cups of large four-scooped Massimo gelatos (!!!), drinks drinks drinks, and of course the apparently Baileys ice cream cake! We definitely had a full tummy, and I am very grateful to be surrounded by these people on my twentieth birthday. 

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