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Even when they were just wasting time, they weren't wasting time. It was as if no time spent together could ever be wasted - If I Stay

It's that time of the year... Where people write their new years resolution!!! I'm not the kind of person who loathes resolutions, because I honestly make them too. I can never accomplish all the resolutions I've written, but writing them down makes me believe it's actually possible. Earlier when I was in Perth, I decided to buy a 2018 planner from Kikki.K. Inside the book there are plenty of questions that (as they say) will help me determine my goal and how I will achieve my goals in 2018. Copying what I've written on my journal, here are the 3 things I want to do more of in 2018:

1. Work out and be healthy
Meaning more swimming, more running, more dancing, more moving!!! I need to tone my body and get that healthy goddess looking body I've wanted so long. And definitely be healthy! 2017 has been rough, not only me but also my family because we found out that cancer genes run through the family and it might just get passed down to me or to my future children. In that being so, I should really think about the kind of food I consume because it's never too late to be aware. It's not that bad though to be aware of what I'm eating. It's fun to experiment in the kitchen with the ingredients I have in my fridge. I know working out and being healthy has always been in my resolutions since who knows when, but I figure being healthy is never 'finished', as you just have to maintain a healthy lifestyle all the time.

2. Pray more
OK, I'll be honest. The first year of my time in Bali, I prayed almost 5 times a day. As a Muslim, you require to pray 5 times a day. So I was almost there. But then I slightly got lazy, and didn't wake up for subuh, the morning prayer, and I just didn't wake up early anymore. I still pray during the other times, but I lack of subuh. So actually doing my morning prayer again is one of the highlights I want to achieve this year, as well as reading more of the Quran (because I haven't done it in a while and I don't think I'm as good as I was then). I think by praying more, I'll be able to be much more grateful than I am now, I'll be able to forgive people easier, and basically just being able to be kind to another.

3. Change of Lifestyle
Other than changing my lifestyle into more active and healthy like goal number one, I've also decided to be environmental and animal friendly, but also affordable. People have always seen the environmental friendly lifestyle as an expensive lifestyle, but it really isn't. This lifestyle focuses on not damaging the Earth and its creatures more than it is now. Mahatma Gandhi used to say be the change you wish to see the world and that's what I'm trying to achieve. Using less plastic isn't hard and not expensive. Using the same shopper bag again and again is cool. Bringing your tumbler everywhere is cool. Saying no to straws is cool. Buying cruelty free makeup and skincare is so much cooler than buying products that does cruelty. You get the idea.

So those are the three things I want to do more of in 2018. I think by doing so, I'll create doors and paths to new places and experience new things. Don't get me wrong though, I still want to travel more in 2018. I want to visit places I've been and explore every corner of the city, and I want to travel to new places as well. I mean, I've always written to travel more in my resolutions, but I think by doing more of the three things listed above, I'll create my chances to travel even wider. Plus I've highlighted the long weekends Bali has to offer in 2018 and there are sooo many of them!

2018 is also the year where I will be watching Paramore live on February (amen!), doing my field work experience (internship), my KKN (kuliah kerja nyata, basically a live-in programme in a Balinese village and creating programmes for the people with other students from other faculties), and my final year project!!! Crazy and big things coming ahead, but ahead is where I'm aiming for. So bring it on, 2018.

My dearest boyfriend finally a certified diver + me in Ubud

Oh! Following the previous post, here are the 18 things I did this year:
1. Learned to drive and got my driver's license (after three times of going back to the station, finally :))
2. Developed a lot of my film rolls
3. Made a music video on the silica cycle (link here)
4. Extended my passport validity and used it to go to Perth (link here)
5. Drove a manual car with my friend who is also a driving rookie through the busy markets of Kedonganan
6. Met my boyfriend's parents for the first time after one and a half year of dating lol
7. Went to Buleleng for the first time (link here)
8. Moved houses (still in Jabodetabek though)
9. Lost my ID card (and made a new one)
10. Bought my very own Fjallraven Kanken (I've been wanting this bag since junior high!!!)
11. Did a self-pay check out counter
12. Made a whole 2018 planner design, but didn’t get the chance to publish it (link here)
13. Tried deep fried pineapple. It wasn't that bad.
14. Cut my hair short above the shoulder for the first time
15. Interviewed seven people this year, via email and in person! (link here)
16. Discovered Stranger Things
17. Sold three batches of the Go-Dive t-shirts with my funding team at the dive club yaaaz
18. Chosen to be a candidate as the head of the faculty's diving club. Didn't win though #isokey

Insyaallah 2018 will be A-OK.

Photos taken with Lomography Aquapix, Lomography Sprocket Rocket, phone with the app Gudak/Huji & Nikon.

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