Monday, January 29


I miss the city. I miss breathing the semi-polluted air in a busy city. I miss seeing people walking quickly on the zebra crosses. I miss absorbing all the lights and the billboards that shine brightly. I miss walking on the sidewalk of a perfectly crowded area. I miss hearing information at train stations, reminding me to get to my platform. I miss sitting on a bus with the view of men and women running errands. I miss sitting at coffee shops with big windows on rainy days. I miss buying street food with lines like a snake. I miss the walking distance from one place to another, because you can find everything within a walking distance at a city. I miss spoiling my tummy with the avocado toast breakfast, sandwich lunches, and pizza dinners. I miss being the digital nomad one can be in a hustling city. I miss the views my eyes get to fall in love with of the skyline during sunsets. I miss being surrounded by the tall buildings and skyscrapers. I miss being educated by the architectures of the buildings in the city. I miss going to the hidden alleys to find that one specific food everyone's talking a out.

I am talking about Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Jakarta, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Boston, Sydney, Frankfurt, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and so many more to explore. I miss going to big cities and immerse myself in the hustle and bustle of each of the city. I miss exploring the characteristics of each city and what makes them different from the other cities I've visited. I miss the city.

The island life is great, believe me. It's laid back and a place to chillax. But I miss facing the big cities. I can't wait to go home this summer, and hopefully to Japan next year.

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