Monday, January 22

Something in the Air

(L-R): At the Yellow Bridge, by kak Raka / The coast of the (no-longer) seaweed farm, by me

My second week in Nusa Lembongan was... rainy. We only head to sea once this week due to the crazy weather Bali's been treating us with. We spent most of our time in the lab, processing the samples we took the week before, and counting the microplastics. When I'm not at the lab, I usually come by cafes, restaurants or warungs to chill and feed myself. Just this week though, I finally tasted Warung Ridho's Chicken Porridge. Happy me! 

By the end of the week, our supervisor had to go to Denpasar, so my senior and I had two days off. It was raining harshly during the mornings, but no longer raining in the afternoon. On a gloomy Sunday, we decided to rent a scooter and explore Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Both islands isn't as what I expected. The Jungutbatu Village (where I'm staying) apparently seems the most liveable village than any other village at the island. The roads were tiny, and I didn't find a 'main' road like the one at Jungutbatu. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as I expected. Of course, going through the tiny roads is still fun! We stopped by every time we find something beautiful.

(L-R): At a random stair towards the sea at Nusa Ceningan / At Mahana Point, by kak Raka
(L-R): At the beach we got lost at / Yellow Bridge / No-longer Seaweed Farm, by me

Going through the Yellow Bridge was another yaaaz moment for me. It looked beautiful and sturdy, with its vibrant yellow meeting the soft ocean blue. It was like seeing the Golden Gate Bridge of Nusa Lembongan. What made me most in love with the bridge was definitely the colour!!! We also wanted to see the seaweed farm, but apparently no one were farming seaweeds any more. I have no idea why, but the seaweed farm was always an iconic spot to visit when you're at Nusa Lembongan.

When we got to Nusa Ceningan, we got lost and went to a secret beach instead. I didn't know what the beach was called but it was nice, and shaped of a curve. Afterwards, we went straight to Mahana Point to see the cliff jumping area. Of course we couldn't jump at that time due to the weather, but the water looked OK, and the rocks weren't that harsh. I would definitely jump in during the better weather. Our stomachs were grumbling and we decided to stop by Next Level Cafe Ceningan, which now is my favourite cafe at the Nusa islands (so far). They have reasonable prices for the delicious food and hydrating drinks provided, and a spectacular view from the second floor of a house. It wasn't that crowded, unlike Le Pirate Beach Club, which was located next to the cafe and is actually very nice as well. 

(L-R): Unknown beach end near Devil's Tears, by me / Me at the unknown beach, by kak Raka / Unknown beach, by me 

(L-R): Going on an adventurrree / being happy at the Yellow Bridge, by kak Raka 

The unknown beaches, by me

We visited Dream Beach (not really dreamy though tbh) and Mushroom Bay Beach (at Nusa Lembongan) as well, but decided to not take a dip. It was freezing due to the wind and the waves were currently going on and on big time. Both beaches were nice, but has its pros and cons. We also accidentally visited an unknown beach, that has a secret access to Devil's Tears. UGH. Devil's Tears is packed with tourists, believe me, you would not want to go there during the weekends. Luckily to our secret access, we get to see Devil's Tears without having to go through the sea of tourists. But honestly, I think I would be so much happier when I visit these places during the dry season, with a cloudless sky.

Nevertheless, I had fun and took plenty of pictures. I ended that day by watching Episode 2 of BBC One's Sharks at the Yoga Shack, and ate Nutella Waffles.

Photos by Kak Raka & I, taken with iPhone 5S. Edited on Afterlight and Adobe Photoshop.

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