Monday, December 16

Burn Again

On the fourth day of our class meeting (check the first and second day here), we had a basketball and mini soccer match against teachers and also the cooking competition. Although I didn't participate in both games, but I had fun. (I was the PIC of the cooking competition so in a way, I did participate ck). it was tiring because i had to control the chefs, and as well as the audience, but i had my friends helping me so it was ok.

we skipped the third day because on wednesday all we did was practice for the class performance. tomorrow's the last day for class meeting, and we'll have a mini soccer match between a public primary school near our school against the primary kids in our school. and then we'll have our charity activities and then the class performances. i hope you guys had a great monday! because i did... sort of. i'll tell you what i did today probably on the post tomorrow or the day after.

have a great monday lovers. x

the one behind the screen,

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