Sunday, December 21



On our second day of class meeting, we started the day with an hour of doing christmas cards and decorations, doing extra work for our scores, and just touring around the school. The swimming competition had four numbers, which caused the people's lack of energy.

The numbers were four swimmers breaststroke, four swimmers freestyle, four swimmers backstroke, and relay swimming. One of my friend had a sudden asma attack and can't swim. So we (again) had to find a replacement, but none of my classmates brought their swim wear. Good thing my teacher brought his, so Wibi got to replace her. I didn't have anyone to replace me on those numbers, so I had to swim on four numbers. I was so tired, I remembered the arena shaking.

After the swimming thing was over, we moved to another game which was softball! I love softball! It's an all-ages all-gender game that is fun. My class firstly went against the seventh graders. The points were far but I couldn't remember. And then we went against the eleventh graders (!!!). We kept getting strikes, fouls, and balls that almost for the first half of the game, no one made a point. Lucky me, I made the first point for my class. The point I made nearly went out, because Aldi was a semi-second away from hitting the base after me. But in the end, grade eleven won by 3-2.

run forrest, run!


My class celebrating the victory of our third-place softball

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