Tuesday, February 3


It's February! Last year, I made a photo post of all the couples I admire most. This year, I'll post something like that again, because to be honest they are all so inspiring. I like it when I come by Tumblr and I see posts about how amazing and confusing women are. It made me feel good and confident about myself. This February is all about appreciating myself because of the work I've done. Ill give myself rewards because I managed to be sane and healthy in this hell hole called senior year.

In terms of appreciating myself, I decided to take risks and just go for it. For I am going to graduate this June. A friend told me if you keep waiting for the right time, it's never going to happen. You just have to go for it and hope for the best. So that's what I'm doing for the rest of the semester. When we love ourselves, that's when we're ready to love other people. If we don't love ourselves, how can we expect other people to love us back? 

Since last year's February, my life has been ups and downs. The number of people I meet is increasing, but as well as the number of people I've lost contact with. The boys I've encountered with is expanding, and I'm glad I have a lot of boy friends to talk with. They're great listeners because they really listen. And it's a change of paradigm, because you see things from the boys' point of view. I have been depressed for something silly, but a person who doesn't realise the good he's given me, changed all that and made me happier. 

The gift of friends is a truly expensive gift for anyone to have. My friendship with my classmates and the teachers are getting stronger. Because we know, once we get out of school, the only thing we can save is our relationship. My friendship with my younger friends are going strong as well, and I can't thank God enough for letting me have these people in my life.

My dream of having a high school sweetheart hasn't been approved by the universe and that's okay. There is still time for all that to happen. What has been approved of the universe is the ability for me to feel in love again and actually be a girl teenager. I feel like I haven't been a girl teenager for so long, I forgot how. The universe lent me friends who not only reminded me, but also supported me for all the actions I take. Of course, in each action that I take, there will be reactions that I too will have to deal with individually.

February is a month where all kinds of love is celebrated. Have a good one.

Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you're at your worst.
Yara Bashraheel