Sunday, July 19

Leaving Comfort

Almost Famous

I have had lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for my whole life, and I've been craving to get out of here. I did. I fell in love with new cities and countries, but of course, I am dragged back to this metropolitan but also kampung-ish city.

My first flight happened when I was in year 2. I went to Bali with my aunt's family. Stepping into a different island was new and nerve wrecking, but I did it anyway. We explored Bali in the very most touristy. I went along with the plan because hey! I'm in a different island from my parents! I'm having fun already! And then I went to Surabaya, and continued to Malang by car. I then traveled to Yogyakarta a few times. My favorite one was the time my dancing group (which included my cousins) went on a dancing show in Yogyakarta and Solo. Afterwards, the rest of the family came to Solo, and we head off to Purwokerto, and then to Baturraden by car. It was so fun because we went camping and made campfires and I miss the smell of the forest so much.

My first international flight was to Singapore. I can't recall how old I was, but it was very fun. And in year 10 I stepped into an oriental environment, which happened to be Shanghai and Tokyo. And a year later, I went to a land down under, where it is (almost) summer all year long, Adelaide. And not long ago, I just came back from my graduation trip to Kuala Lumpur. It was so interesting to learn new culture, new rules, new food, even new toilet seats. 

This year, I leave high school to step out of my comfiest zone, into the new world. A world where I can no longer bargain for scores with the dearest teachers. A world where I can no longer wait for a teacher to tell me I'm late in giving my work. A world where I can no longer meet the same friends every day. University is scary, but interesting. 

I'm pretty excited to go to uni, especially since my major has things to do with the big, blue ocean and its beautiful creatures. And I'm also very enthusiast to move out of Java, and step into a small island where the culture is thick, and the tourists even thicker. I hope I made the right decision in moving away and choosing a major. I hope my future friends would be wonderers and wanderers. I hope I'll learn something more precious than knowledge. I hope things work out the way I want. If not, I hope God has better plans.

I'm going to change my phone soon. Here are a few pictures from the past semester.



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